Friday, March 13, 2015

Growing Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Ever-Growing. Ever-Stretching. Ever-Blossoming. Becoming comfortable in Your own Skin will come and Go. Arriving. Meeting More of your Self in a Moment. Always more. Knowing who You are. Standing with a Sense of Your Self. So fierce! You know the Power of the Cosmos spirals in your Very Breath: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Connected to the Whole of You walking into this Day. Into this Life. Into this World. Feeling your Self. Alive. This YES! opening Doors once locked. The Possibilities bursting as the Sun rises You. The skies Ride You into new worlds calling. The People you meet Seeing the Beauty of You mirroring your Nature. Affirming who You are. The distinct fragrance of You sweetly gifting the World. In ways You can See. And in ways, You can't. Calling you to Trust the effect of You beyond explanation. Remembering You Matter especially when you Feel invisible. Insignificant. Disconnected from the Truth. The abiding Joy. Hope. Peace. Grace. Love. You are a Force of Nature. Growing the Wild that is your Soul. The Poetry of You being You. Living the Prayer you Are. Expressing the essence of You in All ways. No more Tryin' to Be who You are Not. Ohhh, the Liberation in the Letting Go. Effort and Grace. Setting your Self Free. Touching within You, All that Light you cannot See. Always there. Always here. A thousand Stars in your Eyes. Seeing you. Seeing me. Seeing what Only you can See. Your View of the outside world reflecting your inner Sight. Who you Enter this Day as is Not who will End this Day. Conscious of your Evolution moment by moment, You can Meet the discomfort of the Unknown. Knowing More of You is being Revealed. You See that You are Courage in Motion. Being Okay with Being Afraid. And Unafraid. Both a part of You. Holding your Own nature Sacred in the Space of a Moment. Being where You are. As You are. This is Life. This is Badass Brave Living. Cutting the Bullshit loose that doesn't allow It All. Life Experienced directly. Being There. Completely. Meeting the divine within. Surely, the heavens Hold you even when you can't Feel it over the Growing Pains that come. Rest assured as you Kick and Scream that the Surrender will Come in Perfect Time. Love what You judge. Love the kicking and screaming as much as the Letting Go. This is NO BS Living riding the Waves of Amazing Grace. Ever-present. Yes. It. Is. Growing comfortable in your Own skin. Even in the Uncomfortable. Hell YES!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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