Monday, March 9, 2015

Over the Rainbow lies Within You!

Love Being You. Live the Magic of Being You. Daring to Love You brings the Miracles. The Dance of who You Are Ever-growing in the cloak of this night. In the Light of this Day. In All Seasons. In All moments. The Stirring of You. This Divine Pull. Calling in the Hush. Awakening more Beauty blossoming from the depths of You. You meeting Your Self. Accepting what You don't want to Accept. Making Peace with who You are. Wearing your Flaws As a badge of Honor. Embracing your Humanness. Loving what You just don't Like. Discovering the Best of You in what You judge as the Worst. Alchemizing the lead through the Power of your Brave Heart. Letting Go. Not fighting your Own Nature. Seeing You. Who you Distinctly Are. Liberating the Energy held in Shame and Guilt and Not Enoughness or Too Muchness. No longer Trying to Be who You aren't. Being You. You Breathe into every inch of your Body. Feeling the Light of the Heavens animating All of You. Engaged. Ignited. Passionate. Deliberately Moving. Releasing your Self from Ideas of who You should be. Your Life Force flows freely into creating this Life mirroring You. What fits You. What You want. Connecting to the Sacred within ever-guiding You Home. Whispering: "Be YOU. Just Be You." But it surely isn't Easy to return to this Simple Life. Sorting through Beliefs and Thoughts that once Felt okay but Now Feel confining. Your Soul feeling the assault. Always calling You back to Your True Self Cuts away again and again what No Longer Serves. Dismissing the Agreements. Reframing thoughts - All the Bullshit that leaves you feeling limited and less than. Acknowledging Regrets and pulling energy into Present Time. Seeing the Perfection in Arriving where You are Now. Understanding there are No Villains in Your Life Story. Only Players who came to return You Home. Claiming your Power from Giving it Away. Walking your Yellow Brick Road. Picking Up pieces of You step by step. ROCKIN those Ruby Slippers. High Steppin'! Remembering with All of You: There's No Place Like Home. Receiving the Magic of You. Seeing You. Standing Whole in this fractured World. Knowing the Truth: No need to Look Outside of You. Aligning with the Inner world creates the Life where You Feel Home. The Shitstorms and Twisters are Necessary uprooting You from what is comfortable and known to Reveal MORE of You. To Take You to Worlds within You Ready to Sing what You Never Imagined. SEEING: You are the Magic. Always You. Somewhere Over the Rainbow lies within You. AWEsome! Seeing You. You See All. You Being You doing what You Do Speak to the World without Saying a Word. The Love You are Speaks! And shouts: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))

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