Thursday, March 19, 2015


I only Believe in Blessings. This lights all moments with the Love of The Universe. This Cosmic Force that Rides our Life beyond the Human experience, lifting us beyond the Circumstances where we can See what we're truly Made of. Returning us to our Own true Nature. I surely Ain't afraid to Curse the Shitty things! Feeling the sting, saying Ouch! Or WTF?! And letting the Good Rise. Mining for the Gold that's there in the moment. Here. Within You. Blessings come Always! Blessing Abide. Receiving them is our Part as the Abundance is Ever-flowing. This is the Power of saying THANK YOU! All day counting Blessings. No need to deny the Things you want to Curse. Start with F IT! F THIS! F THAT! And Find your way to BLESS it! BLESS this! BLESS that! No One goes through Life unscathed. Challenges come for each of us as they are part of Growing and Evolving us. Some are Greater than others. Standing on Your own two feet, moving from your Center, Facing the Small things in the Moments of each day is So BIG. This is You going Deeper, plunging into what is uncomfortable, fighting for the Life you came here to Live. The Hard Fought Love of Heart and Soul that Frees You instead of being Held captive by events and Fears. You responding to Life with a Sense of the Power that lies within You. Breathing and Feeling the Fear, doubt, worry and anxiety wash through. Mustering the strength and Courage to Take the next Step even when you Feel overwhelmed. Parting the seas and Moving the mountains with your Connection to that inner Fire that NEVER says NEVER! And won't let you Give Up on YOU or Life. Dreams await your Arrival. You are the Dreamer and You are the Dream. Dance with the days trusting Every Experience is revealing You. Stripping what is inessential. What cannot Go with You into the More calling you Home. Be compassionate to your Self. Change is Not easy even when we want It. There is a letting Go as we Reach for More Blessings. Trust the Perfection even when you grieve what Was. BELIEVE!!! You are Blessed. BELIEVE!!! The Good is coming even when it doesn't feel so Good. BELIEVE!!! Say THANK YOU! More Please understanding you are here to Create. Wanting More is Creating. You can be Grateful for what Is AND want to Grow more Life. Wanting is Sacred as You invite the Universe to Play for the Joy of Being You. Blessings await! Scoop 'em UP. Expect them. Be Stoked. Shout: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))

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