Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Channeling LOVE.

This Cruel and Magnificent World is Filled with the Hope of You. Me. All. It absolutely Sucks that the World is so Cruel. You have the Power to Stop being Cruel to Your Self and to Others. You are the Change. I Am the Change. We are the Change! Your Relationship with Your Self changes your Relationship with the World. Opening your Heart to You opens your Heart to the World. We are One. Yes. We. Are. We are in this Together. All you want for this World You must Become. You must Embody. Your Love washes this World. Vibrationally. Mystically. Magically. You are the Miracle! Feel this Truth. Feel your Self. The essence of You is this Cosmic force of Love beyond Human. Human love is conditional. Cosmic Love IS. Breathe this Beauty through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Invite this Love. This is the Hard Fought Love of Heart and Soul that Frees You and Frees All. Beyond Reason. This resonance Awakens You. Moving the Mountains and Parting the Sea. Living the Passion as You are connected to this Power You house and animate through Expressing your Self. Materializing your Spirit instead of Trying to plug into your Spirit, your True Self through the Material world collecting Stuff. The pure Joy of your Human journey can only be Known through the Spirit. This sense of your Higher Self makes All Experiences in the World Amazing. You feel the Richness of You and this makes EVERYTHING Rich. No matter what! Being connected makes All moments Beautiful. Even the shitty Things you would never wish for or Believe on the Surface to NOT Be Beautiful. Rooted in this Love, the Light of the heavens Shines into the Darkest of the Dark. Illuminating the moments. You are the Light of the World. And you do Not have to See past this Moment. Be with Your Self. Receive the Amazing Grace of You. Be It. Use it. Be Fierce! Holding All life Sacred starts with Holding You Sacred. Honoring your wants and needs. Nourishing your Self with Love and Compassion and Unconditional Kindness. Letting Go of The Judgment. Putting the Bat down refusing to Beat your Self Up with words and actions. Giving your Self the Human Hall Pass. Wearing your Humanity as a Life Lived perfectly in the Imperfections. You Matter! The World needs your HappyDance. Find your Way to THANK YOU as this is living from your Heart that Remembers: YOU ARE the Love. You are Enough. As You Are. Your mere Existence is an immeasurable Gift as you Channel the Love of the Universe into this World. WOW Shit! SOUL Shit! COOL Shit! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! SEE. It is F*ing AWEsome to Be You. Yes!!!

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