Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Day: More! More! More Awaits'

You are truly Made of Stars. You are an Electrical System in the flesh in a Sacred Dance with the Cosmos. You house the Wisdom of the Universe which is a Creative Field responding to You. Energy doesn't lie. It Speaks to You all Day long at the level of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Commanding your Energy is partnering with the Life force understanding You are Sailing your Vessel; your Vessel is Not Sailing You. You have the Power within You to direct the course and create a Life that reflects your Truest Self. Bringing your Self into Present Time. Here. In this New Now. This moment is Everything. Setting intentions for the Day. Visualizing. Using imagery to invoke Feelings of Confidence. Dwelling in the Possibilities for all that is coming. Knowing the Best of Life and You is ever-Growing. All your desires hold Energy. They are Potentials within You that You came to Manifest. The flower in your Soul Blossoming the Life you are here to Live. Returning you to your Own Nature where You fulfill your Destiny of Happiness. Aligning with your Higher Self that will lead you into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. This Resonance of Love that comes from Connection to the Source of All Life. Nourishing Your Self with Thoughts that Stoke your Inner Fire is the quickest way to Shift your Energy. Using "I Am..." affirmations that reprogram limiting Beliefs. "I Am Brave. I Am courage in Motion. I Am Badass - who wouldn't want me on their Team! The world needs my Gifts of X, Y and Z. I Am Guided by Assisting Forces. I Am worthy of All my Heart's Desires. I Deserve to Live a Life I absolutely Love..." Say anything that Opens you where you Feel the Abundance of Life Flowing through You. Say THANK YOU! More Please. Acknowledging the Good that Is and Inviting More. Believing More Good will surely Come even in the midst of Challenges. Breathing. Using your Breath to Let Go of tension, anxiety, doubt and Fear that comes. Looking to the Skies and immersing your Self in Beauty returns You to your Truth where You touch the Power within. Taking charge. Ruling your Life. Kicking Ass for You with this Fierceness that is the Fight of the heavens. Being You. Doing You. Acting on your Own behalf. Knowing: YOU MATTER! This is Your Life. And what You WANT and what You NEED Matters. Yes!!! You Matter. Walk into this Day on the Foundation of that Thought: You Matter. You just Do. And let the Wild within You lead you Home. More JOY. More LOVE. More! More! More! Awaits this Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))

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