Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happiness is Being Called FRIEND!

Ohhh, to Be Called FRIEND! Being called Friend is the Greatest of all experiences for Me. The truest Riches of this Life known in Connection: Human to Human. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. The Nurturing Love of Friends is essential feeding us through connection. This mutual Exchange of Good juju that is a Constant, wanting Only GOOD for each other. The mere Existence of Friends creates a Sense of Safety as we Go about our Days living our Lives. Grounding Us When we feel lost in this World. Breathing us Back Home. Holding us together when we Feel shattered by Events and Circumstances. Helping us find our Way loving us as we walk Into new depths of our Self and Life. Friends sincerely celebrate who we Are and who we Are becoming. Friends See us mirroring our Beauty and singing Us back home to Our Self when we forget we Matter. Friends make space for our Crazy allowing Us to Be fully Human and being Human includes Feeling F*cking CRAZY. Letting go of the Known and Reaching for the More calling us to New Shores. They meet Us wherever we Are. Looking Us in the Eye pouring their Heart into US allowing the Honesty between us to liberate the Truth. Healing moments. The Power of LOVE beyond Our Human Scope. No Trying to Fix us reminding Us we are Not Broken. Reminding us we are ALIVE and living includes cycles that feel as if we are dying. It is Possible to walk through personal Hells held by LOVE. This NO judgment zone in the Energy of True Friendship lifts the Shame and Guilt that can swallow Us whole. Love is the Miracle. Loving Us back on Home with words, hugs, tenderness and the Fierceness of a mama Bear fighting for our Life when our Own fight has Vanished. Feeling this sense of Magic in the uncensored conversations growing us Wildly in the Freedom to simply Be. To be who we Are. To say the things we must. To do what we have never Dared. Badass Brave friends make is BRAVE! And are cause for HappyAss Dancin come what May. Thank YOU for being my Friend and smiling into my Heart. And feel me smiling back into You. Always here. Always there. Ever-connected. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)!

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