Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let Go! Ride this Life moment by moment.

Ohhh Let's GO on a Ride! Daring to Show Up consciously choosing. Cultivating Joy. Being Intentional focusing Your Energy. Participating not just letting Life Ride You. Meet this Moment. This is Your Life. Right here. You are a Sacred Vessel housing the Love of the Cosmos. The Power that lies within You is Uncontainable. Moving through Life with a Sense of Self makes You Braver than You Believe You are. Occupying your body fully feeling your Feet on the Ground anchoring You here on Earth. Channeling the heavens as You breathe into every inch opening your Self to the Day flowing with Life. Letting go of Resistance created by the Mind tangled in Fear, Doubt, Worry, Anxiety. Connecting to your Higher Self. Feeling Centered. Vitality Springing. The Chi animating You. Touching Infinity. Being danced. And dancing Wildly. Inviting More of You to come Out and Play. Expressing authentically liberating All that Heart and All that Soul. Feeling Alive with a Sense of The Possibilities unfolding. Declaring what You want Now. Asking Your Self: "What do I want Now?" and reviewing what You say You want. Living this Inquiry every Day not grinding this Out mentally or answering this with the Same response. Drop below the Surface plunging into Your Self. Tapping into the Wisdom Of the Universe to echo Truth from the Depths of You. Inviting This Creative force field, this Energy of Love to bring more Consciousness, more awareness. Sensing the Evolution of You. Allowing the Changes. Making it Safe for You to Want what You want NOW! No Shame. No explaining Your Life and Your choices. Being You. You are You. Ever-growing. Ever-liberating the holy longings within You that fill you with a Sense of Joy, Peace, Hope, Love. All the Goodness You are and Life Is. Beyond an Idea of what Good is! This resonance so Pure that pours from You aligned. Spontaneity spiraling through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Ohhh, the Surprise of You and Life revealing Beauty that will steal your Breath and leave You clutching your Heart all day long. Saying: THANK YOU, More Please! Giggling and Delighting feeling the Abundance of Life opening You. Happyass Dancin' with every step. Wanting to Be YOU! Feeling the Amazingness of YOU. Shouting with All of YOU: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)!

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