Thursday, January 15, 2015

Go ON. Dare to LOVE!

Daring to LOVE this Life is a True Act of Bravery! Entering this Day dancing with the moments so Alive. Feeling the Song in your Heart singing THANK YOU all day. Knowing Great Things are happening. Even when it Feels otherwise. Walking in Faith connected to Your truest Self, the Spirit ever-Free Rooted in Trust and Certainty. It is human to want what we want when we want it! It is human to Wait for The Outer World to shift before Seeing the Possibilities. Always waiting. Waiting for the Green Light to Go! Waiting on People to See Us and Believe in Us and give us Permission to Live this life we came here to Love. It is Divine to Step into our Life Feeling the Aliveness! Expressing the Passion that lies within You for the Joy of this sweet Release. It is a Great Act of Power to LOVE LIFE. Choosing to Love Life no matter what brings the Miracles! How do you ever Love this life so messy, so full of chaos, so heartbreaking, so uncontrollable and unpredictable? You allow it. You let it be. Being present to it All. Your heart wide open rising, riding waves of a amazing grace Alive in the moment, all moments. Breathing IT in. Letting it do what only it can. Lifting You Where you can see the Beauty. Where you can feel the Love. This Cosmic force that animates All of Creation dances You Free beyond the Fixed ideas of how Life should be. Life Beyond conditions is a Life of Love moving the Mountain created by Beliefs that have caged You. Liberating You. More of You. Playing with the Infinite. More Heart and More Soul pouring through You enlivening You, enriching You, Receiving Your Self, Remembering this LOVE is You. And Knowing You are the Miracle You are waiting for. Always You. Not outside of You. The Power of Your Brave Heart is immeasurable. Touching the heavens as You stand here on Earth. Grounding the Possibilities. Believing there is So Much Life to Love. Here. Now. Day by day. Daring to Love wide Open. Happy Dancin' to the Song within. Bursting with anticipation for All the Good that is Sure to Come. Stoking that inner Fire. Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)). Knowing with All your Heart and All your Soul that it is Damn Good to Be You.

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