Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You are The Miracle You are Waiting For!

ANYTHING is Possible! It is. It is. It is. BELIEVE with All that Heart and All that Soul. Let it Fuel You. I wish You the experience of YOU tapped into the Infinite Potentials within You. Let the Burn of Passion deliver You. Set More of You Free! Ready to Play. Ready to Go. Declaring: Here I Am. So Alive. With Everything to Give. Feel that Ache to Do what You MUST in order Express Your Self. Let the Pain of withholding You, All that Fire, All your Gifts Inspire You into Action. Appreciate Your Uniqueness, grounding in a Sense of Self, Feeling Bigger, Badder, Bolder, Braver. Stoke All that Creative energy! Owning Your Specialness. Claiming what You Want. Talking to Your Self as You would a Beloved Friend receiving Your Self and How the gods brewed You. Breathe In this Life so Damn Sweet. Let it wash through You the purest Love. Lifting you Higher and Higher. Opening You. Inspiring you. Taking you on a Ride. Magically. Mystically. Poetically. Feeling the Wildness of Life grow connected to The Universe, to All of Creation. Feeling The Power that lies within You. Limitlessness. Life ever-Blossoming You. Moment by Moment. Day by Day. Cheering You ON and ON. Celebrating You and Your Life. Step into this New Now anticipating All of your heart's desires being realized. Materializing your Great Spirit. Believing in your Hopes and Dreams! Daring. Having the audacity to KNOW what you KNOW is possible not from arrogance but from the Infinite Wisdom You House. The sacred vessel of YOU sailing into the unknown exploring shores that others don't believe exist. You SEE!!! You See the Possibilities. Setting Sail. Experimenting. Playing with Life. Planning and Letting It Unfold. Holding your Vision, invite Life to Open you and Open new worlds. I stood in the City of David in Israel where they had created plumbing thousands of years ago out of necessity, out of Survival so the enemies could not cut off their water supply. The heavens spiraled through me opening locked doors within me; and I KNEW without a doubt from the depths of my soul: We are Creators, gods in the flesh here to live this adventure riding into the More. We are infinite. We are the Miracles we wait for! Anything is Possible. And our desires to Create are holy longings. Dreams we are here to pull down. Living Prayers. Daring to follow the Call. Holograms channeling the soul Force. Letting go of limits. Remembering who we truly are. Forgetting and Remembering. Ohhh, Holy Shit!!! The liberation in awakening from the human slumber is Badass. You aligned with ALL that Fire and using it to Create the Life you came here to Love. To experience for your JOY in being You. YES! For Your JOY. Bring On the JOY. Expect It. Invite It. Welcome IT wide Open. Singing: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)! Knowing: It is Badass Beyond to Be YOU!

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