Sunday, January 18, 2015

JOY Matters!

Joy Matters!!! Your Joy Matters. Joy is Not a state of mind. Joy springs from The Well of Life deep Inside You. This resonance that comes from a sense of Connection to All that Heart and All that Soul. You plugged into The essence of You. Feeling so Free flowing with the Joy that abides. Always there within You. Always here in this moment. Joy is the Truest Smile echoing from You at Play dancing with the moments come what may. You Present to the Direct experiences. Life breathing into You. And You breathing Life sensing the Miracle of You. Reflecting on the whole of your Journey. Sitting with Your Self. Appreciating All that has led you here. Honoring the ass kickings and the Victories. Remembering You are here to Free the Joy in Living this Adventure. Discovering the More awaiting You. The Sacred longings daring You to let go of limitations and let the Fire of the gods take You on a Ride over the Rainbow. Imagining the life You came here to Love. Believing in the Possibilities that lie within You. Letting Go of disappointments. Letting Go of conditions. Coming into this New Now, the point of Creation, Birthing new Life. Pulling the heavens down onto the Earth. Materializing your Spirit. Stepping into Your Dreams that picked You the Dreamer. Navigating the Fear that surely comes. Fear is reconciled in the moment as You bring it Up fully aware it is there. Breathing into your belly fluttering. Letting the heat of terror wash through. Taking the Powerless Child within You by the hand and walking in Faith. Trusting your Fierce Heart and your Fire. The Power of You Experienced. This Force of the Universe clears the Obstacles as You face what comes Up. Allowing instead of Trying to Control the feelings. You See that Fear is a part of Living. No dividing lines. Coloring your Life with Laughter and Tears welcoming it All. Holding it All Sacred. Pain is as essential as Joy. It is Not negative to feel afraid or feel the bite of Life. The expression of Pain and Fear liberates the Joy. The Repression deadens You and Emotionally constipates You clogging the Natural flow. Letting Life touch You bringing You to Tears and causing Laughter enlivens You. You are Made Rich in the Living of Your Life. Here's to Badass Brave YOU! All that has been. All that is. All that is Yet to Be. There is a depth of Joy made Possible from the Pain cutting Life into You. All Life experiences reveal YOU. Go! Live it All. It is All Good. It is all YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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