Saturday, January 10, 2015

Clearing And Opening...

Dancing with The Universe includes Sitting Still. The gods Calling from the Cloud of my Exhaustion echoing Let Go. Just Be. I Surrendered. Letting Go. Being with My Self. Being Present to Life. Clearing my Day OPENED a new world. It is a Funny Thing in this Life to be so Free and Yet Held. As there is always More to Liberate. You and I may Know this intellectually. But we Arrive at places in our Life settling in finding a rhythm to our Days filled with Rituals and Routines. When Suddenly, new Worlds within are Ready to Sing in the outer world. Everything is shaken Up and we must ground the Possibilities tuning in to the ever-guiding whispers, Trusting our Self, asking for help from those who See us and Get us and encourage us as we navigate Great Change. Step by Step. Moment by moment. Day by Day. Making effort and Allowing the Graces to guide us. Being intentional asking the divine intelligence within to show You the way into What's Next? To lead You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy in expressing Your Self and living this Life You came here to Love. Breathing through Fears that certainly Come in The midst of the Unknown. Experimenting. Taking Action. Sitting Still. And finding rest in Certainty rooted in the Spirit ever-Free that Soars in Faith without Ceasing. Knowing All that Heart and All that Soul creates your Truest Life that mirrors You. More of You Knocking. Inviting the Surprises that Make You Come Alive. Sharing the Passion. The Fire You Carry that is this Force of Love fueling your Dreams. Parting the seas as it calls You into unfamiliar waters. Holding You as you Face what You must in order to Clear Obstacles. Lighting the Way as you walk through the Dark Tunnels. This Inner Compass is your Truest Partner as it is Amazing Grace blowing you onto New Shores. Assuring You to Stay the Course. Reminding You that You can't Possibly F*#% this Life Up. Every Moment. Every Experience is Purposeful. Focusing on All the Good that comes. Counting Blessings. Refusing to let old Beliefs grip You that You are being Punished or have done something wrong. Following the Signs. Welcoming the Messages. Nourishing your Heart and Soul connected to Your Self and to All Seeing: WE ALL MATTER. Seeing the Significance of Your Life and All Life. Seizing the Day come what May. Living with Gusto. Believing what You Know but Cannot See. Receiving the Fruit each Day Bears. Biting into Life so Delicious. Making Yum Sounds. Happyass Dancin' to the Song within. Shouting: Woo woo woofrickinhoo))! Feeling the Magic. All Wonders unfolding Life and You. It is Damn Good to Be You!

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