Monday, January 5, 2015

Go! Go! Go! With All Your Heart.

Go into The Heart. How does life Love through You? It simply does. The Poetry of You is Alive. Without ceasing. Love pulses through You Breath by Breath. It is an Echo. A Cosmic Vibration. The Force of the heavens that is intangible. This Beauty must be Felt. Your Heart Receiving what Is. The Abundance Flowing. Opening You. Awakening Possibilities. The Passion within You. All that Fire You carry Expressing in the quiet and Out Loud. This Sacredness. You. Me. All. Infinity at Play. Love is the One True Thing animating All of Creation. Beyond an idea of Love lies the Experience of this divine energy. Mystical. Magical. Miraculous. Making Space for More Life. Connected to the Truth. You Remembering: Love is All there Is. Your Spirit, the True Self is this Love. Calling You. Singing You Home. Materializing Your Spirit. Knowing: This is the Life I came Here to Live. This Love mirrored in the physical World. Ever-growing. Ever-cycling. Ever-evolving. Riding You into the More. Into "What's Next?!" For Your Joy in Creating. Authentically expressing who You are Now. The New Now. Daring to Want. Dreaming Wildly. Believing in Your Self. Partnering with the Universe. Taking its Hand and Dancing as Never Before. The Whole of the Universe Lies within Your untamable Heart that calls You to Remember: You are Here to LIVE this Love. LISTEN to Your Heart So Divine. Not rooted in the Human limitations. Not controlled by limiting Beliefs and Paradigms created by Man throughout the Ages. Fear is No Match for Your Brave Heart Ever-roaring, guiding You into this sense of Badassness fueled by Love. Feel your way experiencing the distinctions between Love and Fear governing your Choices, creating Your Life. Energy doesn't lie. Discontentment. Staleness. Boredom. The holy Longing for More. You can be Grateful for All that Is. And desire the More calling You. Go Boldly into this Day, moment by moment, choice by choice, with Your Heart leading the Way. Expect the Surprises to Come! Be Stoked. Within You lies the Power to Move Mountains and the Courage to take the First Step. Go! Go! Go! Enjoy the Ride. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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