Friday, January 9, 2015

You are a Sacred Force!

This Force of Love. Ever-humming In the Quiet of Me. You. All. Ever-connecting Us. We are One. Yes. We. Are. Beyond Reason. Beyond sentimental. Beyond emotional. This Cosmic Source animating All of Creation is Fierce. Mystical. Miraculous. Wondrous. Rooted in Universal Truth. Dancing us Individually and Collectively. Ever-evolving each of Us, awakening our Souls, Higher Consciousness as we Experience this human adventure. Every step is purposeful beyond explanation. Each of us is Significant beyond Measure. The holy entry into this Life. The in between. The holy exit. You are Sacred. You are. You just are. Receive this Truth. Breath by Breath. Close your eyes and engage your inner Sight. Feel your Soul stirring. Feel your Spirit springing with the Vitality of Life flowing Open. You connected to this Love, the Divine Essence of You. You liberated from All that blocks the Abundance. Remembering who You truly Are. Believing in the Beauty of You and Your Life. Seeing the Beauty in All. Even those you don't like. Even those you don't care to spend time with or give energy to. Letting Your Self Be where You are. Letting Others Be where they are. We all Speak different Languages at the level of Soul. The Vibration of You ever-growing suddenly doesn't match others. And Trusting the exchange was Perfect. But knowing it is complete. It is done. No villains. No bad guys. Your relationship served Your Soul's Growth. Give Thanks for the Privilege to Love another to Dance with them. And let it Go. Make space for New connections and relationships to lead You Home into more of You ready to come Out and Play. At the level of Soul, our Higher Consciousness, the Wisdom of the Universe within Us Prays new people into our Lives. Welcome this Exchange! Let the Surprise fill You with Awe and Wonder. Yes! Your Soul knows what You need. Always! The inner Map unfolding Perfectly. Trusting The divine Timing which is the Field of Creation within You. Not outside of You. Not withholding from You. Not punishing You. The Power of Listening with Your Heart that is Ever-stirring You From your Slumber. Guiding You with Signs. The whispers, nudges, gnawings, flashes of Energy rushing through your Body. This Wisdom Ever-Speaking until You Listen. And Act on Your own Behalf. Doing what You Must! Taking the Fear by the Hand and walking with It into the Blessings calling You. The More Awaiting You. Ushering You into Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Into the Passion Living the Life You came here to Love. Inviting the More. Allowing the More. The zen saying: When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear states this Simply and Profoundly. You are the Student. And You are the Teacher. As am I. This is You. Me. All at Play. You being You infuse me with Hope. Me being me pours Possibilities into You. The Liberation walk is life-long surrendering what is not in alignment with this Love we are. It is Not narcissism. It is Understanding at the Depth of Soul that You Matter. You Free All in expressing this Energy purely untangling again and again from the Human crapola that confines This Force of Love into Rules and Conditions. Take my hand. Lets enter this Day filled with a Sense of Self. The Joy of being You. Sip it In. It is Damn Good to Be You. Feel this: WOO WOO WOOFRICKINHOO:))!!!

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