Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All of YOU: Heart and Soul!

The Power of You! All that lies within You. Mystical. Magical. Miraculous. These Cosmic Forces animating You. Ever-shifting. Ever-opening. Ever-flowing. The Ride that is Life. This divine Pull calling You into the More, to Show Up and Dance with the Moments. All that Heart and All that Soul won't give Up on You even when You want to Throw in the Towel. Each experience strengthens You. Leads You into depths of Courage freeing You. Seeing who You truly are and what You are Made of. Finding Gears you never knew existed. There they are. Here You are. In this New Now. Sensing your Self. Letting Go. Doing what You Must. The choiceless choices where You touch the Fire deep inside bypassing the limited Mind caging You in Old Beliefs. Doing What You never imagined. And simultaneously Knowing EVERYTHING led You Here. The Sacred blueprint unfolding You. The Timing perfect. Into the Wild. Untamable You. Uncontainable You. The burning Desires delivering You. Living the Passion. Preparing You for next Round! Always More until the Final Bell when this Life is no More. Stand in the moments. Be in Your Body. Occupy every inch. Sensing the Aliveness. Vitality Springing. Ground your Self connecting to the Earth. Be Here. Feel Supported. No Matter how weary or tired. You Still have Your legs. Ohhh, the Strength of You is immeasurable. Beyond the human scope. And You still have All that Heart and All that Soul. Infinity pulsing through You. Remembering the Adventure Ain't about Settling or Playing Small. Daring to Want! Knowing You came Here to express Your Self for your Joy. Daring to let go and reach for More again and again. Believing what Only You See. Jumping for Your Life. Into what's next?! Letting the Magic bring the Surprises. The More You never could have planned. Say Yes!!! To You. To Life. It Feels Good to Feel Good. Rise with the Goodness all damn Day. Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)!

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