Saturday, January 17, 2015

Walk Tall!

Walk Tall into This Day. Meet the Moments so Alive with a Sense of Your Self. You are You. And it is Damn Good to be You. Yes. It. Is. The song of YOU echoing into this World. The music of YOU expressing All that Heart and all that Soul. You Carrying the Fire feeling the Joy of freeing It all day living this Life You came here to Experience. No waiting for a Magic moment! Creating the Magic at Play with Infinity as You go about living this Adventure. No waiting for a Special Occasion to celebrate this Life. Celebrating right Here for no other reason than You are Alive. Receiving the Gift of You blossoming this Day. Being the Hope you are. Being the Light you are. Being the Love you are. Being the Force You are. Happyass Dancin' from the Inside Out. No containing the Excitement for Life. Believing in the Possibilities. Sipping them In breath by breath. Igniting your sense of Passion. Imagining the Day leading You into new depths of You. Discovering the Joy in being You. Wow moments! Mirroring how Cool it is to Ride this Life as You. Seeing your Self so Badass Brave and inviting More of You to Roar. Daring to lean into what makes you uncomfortable. Awakening the Potentials ready to Play. Shifting your attitude. Letting go of Beliefs. Opening the valves of Life flowing instead of resisting. Remembering: YOU are the Change you are waiting for! The good news is YOU have the Power to Change what no longer serves You. And the bad news is No One can do this for You. Soooo, Muster the Courage calling on the Amazing Grace of the Universe and Move into the Life awaiting You. Walk deliberately tuned into the Power. Drinking from this Ocean of Love ever-nourishing You, ever-strengthening You. There is More Life, More of You Calling! Listening and Acting on your own Behalf. Doing what scares the crap out of You. What seems small is actually Big! Taking your Self by the hand and Jumping again and again for the Joy of Being You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!

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