Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Life, More You to LOVE!

Look In this Moment: More Life To Love. In the Quiet of Me, I rest. And Move into the Days Deliberately. Tuned Into My Self. Come Along. The Hush within Us. Our Truest Self. The Still point. This Moment. The Now. A New opening. A Closing. Life Cycling. The Energy of Love pulsing through Breath by Breath. Life. Here. Ohhh Life. Right Here. You. Me. All of Creation. In a Vibrational Dance. The Free Flow. The divine Essence. This Presence. Within. Connect to the Wisdom of The Universe that You House. Trusting what You Want and what You Need. Reflecting. Feeling guided by your Inner Compass as You make Your way. Assessing Beliefs scanning for How certain Beliefs you have agreed to Limit You and Keep You Stuck in an Energetic Loop. Reprogramming through Affirmations. Committing to Your Self building new Mental and Spiritual Muscles. Reframing thoughts to Open the Potentials within You ready to Burst. Adopting New Beliefs that Empower You and Fuel Your Dreams. Bringing into Your Consciousness how You get in Your Own way. Seeing Clearly how You cage Your Self. Bringing your Fears into Full View. Shining the Light on All the Darkness. Being with it All. To be human is to be Afraid and Insecure. Let it Be. And do what You Must. Remembering Fear cannot Stop You. Fear is No Match For Your Brave Heart fierce enough to fight for You. You can't GO where You wanna GO dragging the Same Old crap around. Cut it Loose. Liberate Your Self. Letting Go of what No longer Serves You. Choosing from a Sense of Self. Knowing this is Your Life. Daring to Look within Your Self and This Moment. And See: More Life to Love. Yes!!! No waiting. See Your Self. Meet Your Self. Hear Your Self. No waiting for others to See You. Hear You. Or Give You what You MUST give Your Self. Life is Now. And Someday May Never Come. Take a Stand for YOU. You are Deserving of All this Love. You are Worthy of a Life You Love. No Settling. Feel the Promise of This New Year. This New Day. This New You. Welcoming the More of You. The More of Life to Play. Wildly. As never before Possible. Nourish Your Self with Compassion. Feel the Sting of Life's Betrayals. At the hands of Others. At you Own Hands. Grieve. Weep for Your Self. The Lost Child powerless. And Be in the Power of Present Time. Made Possible by Walking your Yellow Brick Road. Discovering pieces of Your Self. Becoming Whole. Acknowledging the Fractures that have Stripped the Joy, the Peace, the Hope, the Love. Lifting the Veils. Seeing the Truth and Beauty of You. And Life. The curtains drawn. You See the Illusions. No one has Power over You. You are Free. Feeling the Soul Force within Ignited. Grounding the Possibilities. Embarking on a Journey into More Life, More You to Love. Badaassss Brave LIVIN' and LOVIN'! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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