Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Are All Afraid!

Listen with All of You! Be Present to Your Self. Let the Moments awaken You to the More ever-knocking. Feel the Light wash through You bringing revelations, new understanding, awareness that simply wasn't possible before. Patience with The Self loving your Self wherever You are is essential nourishment. Shaming your Self and punishing your Self is the natural tendency as our culture's addiction to Perfection breeds Self-loathing. And perpetual Not-Enoughness. No matter how Evolved we Are, this Energy is a Part of Us. It simply Is. And the Impact of this is far reaching. Dreams derailed. Hopes swallowed by the Hurt each of Us carries. Your awareness is the KEY! The Moment You SEE the Cage Door Opens. Amazing Grace at Work and Effort, focusing Your Attention. Standing Whole with Your Fractured Self, the Pain that Owns pieces of Your Soul, Your Consciousness, Your Life Force. Unplugging. Untangling. Acknowledging the Hurt, the Powerless Child within your Consciousness, soothing this wounded Self breath by breath. Cauterizing the wound with this force of Love, the Truest Power again and again so Life's Blood can Flow freely. Refusing to be Asleep at the Wheel. Sailing Your Ship through the Storms and the Calm. Always Being aware that you have subconscious Fears of stepping into Your Power. Fears of the Life you have Imagined and longed for all your days. It makes No Sense. It isn't logical. It is Core wounds deep within at the level of Soul from this Lifetime and Lifetimes. Even those You look at and Believe to be Fearless must Dance with Fear. No One gets a Pass on this Experience. It is our Shared Humanity. Our Shared Story. Our Yellow Brick Road making Our Way Step by Step, moment by moment, choice by choice into Our Power. Again and Again. Always More! This underlying energy: "What If I am Not Enough?" " What if I am being Foolish?" "What If I Really get what I want?" The grip of Fear is No Match for the Brave Heart. But Fear and Insecurities are a Part of being Human. Hold your Own Hand showering Your Self with Compassion and facing the Fear. The gift of the Moment. The New Now. Daring. Dropping into your Limitlessness. Leaning into the Sword remembering it won't Kill You, it will Free You. Jumping. Acting on Your own Behalf. Doing what You Must to Free Your Self. Each of us Knows what we Know. And the Evolution of the Self is a constant throughout our Lifetime. This Journey To be wizened by Life. Living long enough to know You know nothing. Knowing EVERYTHING. Seeing Your Self: Fully Human and Divine. The veil lifted. The divine Comedy that is this Life discovering the Magical effect of Humor. Laughing at Anything and Everything. Even as You are Crying. Especially when the heat of Terror is blazing through You like a Wildfire. Being Entertained by Your Self instead of judging and shaming. Letting go. Making Space for the Truth to Rise, for the Not So Pretty to Reveal the Beauty. Enlightenment is Shining the Light on a Moment, All that Light within You that You cannot See. But it's always There. Higher Consciousness. Amazing Grace...was Blind but Now, I See. Wow! Wow! Wow! We are All Afraid. And We are Badasss Brave. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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