Sunday, January 4, 2015

The New Now.

The New Now. More Life Knocking. Calling in the Silence. Mystical. Magical. Miraculous. Howling at The full moon aglow in the Wild Skies. The winds are Whipping. Stirring Me. You. All. Communing with these Primal Forces. Feeling animalistic-ly Alive. This Dance of Soul is Vibrational. Breath by breath. Connecting to the Energies awakened from within You from this Moon Dance. Expressing potentials ready to Play. Extending You beyond your comfort zones into the Juice of Life. Freeing the Passion longing to Ride You into a Life of Surprise. Opening portals within You. Allowing the Graces to wash away limitations plunging you into a depth of Strength and Courage. Welcome This New Now! Let go. Let the moment take You. Now. This point of Creation ushers You beyond the confines of who You were. You rising Beyond your history, the soul aligning, you Sense Your Self as never before. Whole. Infinite. Sacred. This New Now. So holy. The Hope of You at Play with the Cosmos. Celestial influences opening doors within You reminding You of the Miracle You are. Life Is. The abundance cycling. The heavens echoing through You as you stand on the Earth. Tuning In. Daring the gods to Show Off! Believing with All of You that ANYTHING is Possible. Seeing the Universe as a benevolent Partner. Creating what has never been. Opening You. Surprising You. Flowing with Life into the New Now. Hand in Hand. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Oneness experienced. So electric. Enlivening You. You are plugged into the Source of All Creation. Remembering the One True Thing: This Love. This Soul Force. All this Fire You Carry within You. Rip your Heart Open and Stir Your Self into the Flame of Life. Untamable. Unstoppable. Undefinable. Uncensored. YOU. Here. In the New Now. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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