Thursday, January 22, 2015

It is All F*ing Good! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

Feel the GOOD in this moment. Feel the Good in this Day. Feel the Good in All experiences. This is Your Good Life! Let Go of judgment. No labeling Good or Bad. Being Present to You and All you are Feeling makes You come Alive. No dividing lines cutting life into Negative and Positive. Your Fear of something being "negative" will keep Life at bay. Let go of controlling and feel Life flowing through YOU in all moments. You trying to Be positive strips the Beauty of the Dance. Your Human Self will measure and compare and manufacture. Your True Self, Your Spirit ever-free knows it's ALL GOOD. Aligned with Your Spirit, You can Dance in the Rain instead of just getting wet. You can Taste the sweetness in the midst of the Bitter. You can spin the Gold out of the Lead alchemizing the Heavy into Light. You can Rise Higher than ever before when the Shitstorms come and swallow You whole, dismantling the familiar Life and leave You feeling Lost. Perception is Reality. Call on the Amazing Grace to lift the veils so You can See the Goodness ever-present. Life is Damn Good even when it sucksass! Let it Be. Curse the crap you would never wish for and find your way to Blessing It. Trust the Good will surely Come. Let it Come. Invite the Good! It is Damn Good to Be You. Feel the Good pulsing through You breath by breath. Tap into the Hope within. Believe in the Miracle of You. Rest in the well of Peace and let the waters renew You and Hold you. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! As if your very Life depends on It because it does. All that Heart and All that Soul must be Freed creating a sense of Play with Life come what may. Say over and over: It is All GOOD! A Good CRY. A Good Shit. A Good Laugh. A GOOD Meal. A Good Conversation. A Good friend. It is ALL f*ing Good! This is Your Good Life. Live it! Be it! Free it! Love it! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!

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