Sunday, February 1, 2015

Follow the Signs: 11:11 Message.

Seeing 11:11 and receiving the Message reminding You that you are Connected to something far Greater. The Source of all Creation in this Web of Life. The invisible threads pouring Amazing Grace through You all day. STOP and Receive the Miracle of You! The 11:11 vibration is the evolution of the Self. Your sacred role in the collective consciousness. You aligned with the universe, your Soul, ONEness. Standing in who you are beyond the conditioned Self. New beginnings. Again and again. You made anew. Beliefs dismantling that limit and cage. Organically. You living Open. Liberations. Revelations. Psychic downloads. Flashes of Wisdom as portals open. Sacred Knowings washing through. Seeing what you hadn't before. Discovering the Beauty of You. The Truth of You echoing in the world as you journey on earth as YOU! Mirroring the light of the heavens you embody. Grounded in your human Self and divine Self. Freeing your Passion this Love you are, the essence of You. Expressing who You are for the Joy of it not because you think you should do this or that. Living beyond expectations and obligations. letting go of Paradigms that have been played out. Living soul guided. Fueled. Trusting what only you know. Walking in Faith. Believing in your Self. Believing in the Universe. Assisting forces within You within all of Creation ever-guiding you home. As you chop wood and carry water. Doing what You do. Living Your life Being in the direct experience. Liberating your Self more and more. Moment by moment. Day by day. Choice by choice. Pulling energy out of the past so you can plug it into this New NOW. The dawn of YOU breaking. Letting Go! You Cannot carry what is dead into new life cycles. Blocking the flow. Dragging You. Draining your Life Force that Fuels your Sacred Desires. Being the alchemist Spinning lead into Gold using IT all. Every experience is Purposeful! Extracting the wisdom. Letting Go more and more of the human crap tangling You in circumstances tying you to the story. The purely human perspective that keeps You on the Surface where You are knocked around by Life. This Victim consciousness that is so pervasive in us all. The higher Self lifts you into Cosmic Perspective where You see with the Eyes of the Soul and Your Brave Heart awakens remembering who You truly are and what lies within. Your soul magnetizes this 11:11 message from the heavens to assure You that You are on your path. Materializing your Spirit. Pulling your Dreams down. And reminding You the gods assist and guide you breath by breath. Knowing this! Go kick this days Assssssss at Play with the Infinite. Woo woo woofuckinhoo:))

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