Saturday, January 3, 2015

Be Ready for a Great Year!

Be Ready for a Great Year! Freeing more of You to Come Out and Play Big. Ohhh, The Power of Showing Up each day Present to Your Self and Life. Tuning in. Listening to the ever-guiding whispers. Nudges. Gnawings. Trusting Your Self and the Wisdom of Your gut instincts. Observing your Self. Aligning your actions with your Truth instead of pretending in order to be polite and amiable. Paying attention to how You Really feel and Not Sacrificing Your Self, Not betraying Your Self. Loving Big! Truly Loving. Starting with Your Self. Remembering Love is Not rooted in Pain and Fear, going along to get along causes resentment and bitterness. Tangling your Self in knots instead of allowing your Truth to free You. Noticing what You enjoy, what is fun and what is Not. Knowing your Joy Matters. Choosing consciously how You spend Your Life. Remembering that You have Choices. Taking care of Your Self, honoring Your wants and needs. Letting Go of what You must to make space for All the Good that awaits. Flowing with Life instead of Fighting against It. Allowing the Organic shifts instead of Resisting your Very Nature. You ever-Blossoming. You ever-Evolving. You the Dreamer. And the Dream. The Sacred blueprint of Your Soul nourishing You in fulfilling Your Destiny expressing this Love, this Cosmic Force for Your Joy. Breathing Your Passion into the World! Your Aliveness awakens All. Your Love of Living is absolutely infectious. Daring to Plunge into the moments engaged fully letting Life touch You, open You, reveal You, surprise the hell outa You, You embrace your True Nature. Your Truest Self experienced as your Heart and Soul light the Way. Heaven tasted here on Earth. Breath by breath. You know You Matter. You know your Worth. You Receive the Abundance of You. You awaken to the Truth that Love is all there Is. You are the Love of the Cosmos dancing here briefly. And your Greatest Legacy is You. The Beauty of You being You. Living the Life that makes you clutch your Heart in gratitude saying: THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank You! More please. You Expecting Great things! Ever-Ready for a Great Year. A Great Day. A Great Moment. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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