Monday, January 19, 2015

Being the Change!

Be the Change! Be You. Be More of You. No holding You back. Dare to Be engaged in the direct experiences of your Life. Remembering the Power of you Being You and the effect of You on the World. You are the Greatest gift you give. You are the Offering. Be the Kindness You wish to See. Be the Smile that lights the Day of another. Be the One to connect to Another eye to eye sincerely asking: "How are You?" and listening to their response. Be the Appreciation mirroring how You See another, reminding them what makes them Special. Be the Joy consciously tuned in to a sense of Self breathing Life in and Out into this Day. Feeling the gratitude. Being in Awe. Touching the Essence of You connected to the Whole of this Universe. Inhaling Life at another depth and exhaling Life pouring your Fresh ideas and perspectives Out into the World. Receiving the Abundance of You and Life so You can Share this Goodness in All you do. Following your Bliss. Freeing the Dreams that won't let You go. Going where You didn't know You could. Feeling Alive! Happyass Dancin' and inviting the World to Join the Celebration. Believing Anything is Possible. Stoking the inner Fire. Walk through this Day holding the Vision of Your Heart and Soul. All your Sacred Desires perched within You singing Your Truest Song echoing through You moment by moment. Love this Day Open to what Comes. SPEAK the vision of your Heart and Soul! Hear the Song a Singin' the Truth and Beauty of You. Let it dance You Wildly feeling the inner rhythm taking Form. Being the Change. Experiencing the Miracle of You calling more of You Home. The Organic Shift. The Harmonious union of soul and flesh. Creating the Life that Expresses You. The new Now bringing the Change. Let Go! Reach for More. Wave your hands in the air inviting the Thrill of Riding this Life. Feeling the Sense of Adventure as You awaken the Passion. Being the Hope you have been waiting for. Being the Change you have longed for. Cheering your Self ON this Day and All your Days: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)! It is Damn Good to Be You. Yes. It. Is. Believe in You!

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