Saturday, January 24, 2015

BELIEVE: It is Built!

Build it and They will come! Start here. Step into this New Now. This New Day daring to Want. What do You Want?! Truly. Wanting is Creating. This moment is the Point of Creation. Enter this Moment, Letting Go of Yesterday. Letting Go of spinning Worry about Tomorrow. Letting Go of HOW! Reframing: How the Hell do I get THERE from HERE?! into It is Done. Believing it is Unfolding. Knowing it is Built. Breathing in Life. Flowing with the Possibilities. In your mind's eye, Build it! Imagine your Dream realized. See Your Spirit materialized. Feel your Heart's desires manifested. Experience your Team assembled. Each a spoke in the hub of the wheel doing their part to bring your Vision to Life. Invite Assistance from the Universe ever-guiding You into moments where You meet just who You need to meet; where You hear messages that Open worlds within You that You didn't know were locked; where You find the book that Inspires You into Action; where You meet new Friends who share Your sense of Passion and stoke your inner Fire ready to Roar as never before. Show Up for this Day and every Day expecting Miracles! Say to Your Self: Everywhere I Go, I meet the most Amazing People! And Everyone's eager to Help me bring my Vision into the World. Know what You Want. Say It. Claim It. Ground it in Your bones. Anchor it. Be Stoked! Remembering this is the Life You came here to Live, to Express for Your Joy. Acknowledge the Pain of all the Delays where the Rug was pulled Out from beneath You where your Dream was in Reach one moment and gone the next. Feel it. Grieve it. Cut it Loose. Fly FREE! Reclaim Your Energy Consciously pulling It OUT of the Past. All that Pain is no Match for Your Brave Heart. Let Go of the disappointment from the Past when You wanted before and things didn't turn out as You planned. It is Time. Everything led You here even the Crap you would Never have wished for. Everything is Purposeful even the shit storms have revealed More of You, the Beauty of You and the Truth of Your Unstoppable Spirit. Let go of the Fear caging All that Heart and All that Soul ready to Play BIG. It is So ON! Let Hope fill You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. And Letting IT Go. Surrendering your Dream. No need to Control or Force. Trusting your Self and the Universe to Line it Up. Knocking on doors. Standing with a renewed sense of Self. Doing what You must and Allowing the Graces to blow through taking your Dream to another level. Plan and let Life unfold it! Ohhh, Life. This is Your Personal Odyssey awakening dormant potentials within You. Using All that Fire You carry. This Force of Love is limitless. Plug In. Love Your Self! Love this Day! Love the moments! LOVE at a depth You have never dared. Go share this LOVE and watch it multiply. Feel this LOVE lift You for it is the Wind beneath Your Wings. LOVE is the Miracle Alive within You dancing with All Life. It is damn Good to be You and to Ride this Life into your Dreams. Happyass Dance in celebration! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :) BELIEVE in The MAGIC of You.

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