Friday, January 30, 2015

The Power of Connection!

The Power of Love. The Power of Connection. The Power of You. The Power of Me. The Power of All Life. At play. This Day dancing You. Me. All. Into more Life. More Love. The desires in Your Heart are fueled by this Force of Love. The Cosmos echoing through Your very Breath. Riding You where You need to Go to Open You to the Magic You are. Receiving the Miracles that come without ceasing if You dare to connect to this Love fierce enough to Free You from limitations. Beliefs either keep You flowing with Life or Block you. You truly are the Mountain to Move. And accepting this Truth plugs You back into the Power of You partnering with the Universe. Co-creating this Life expressing your Joy in being You. Liberating All that Heart and All that Soul. This Passion, Your sense of Aliveness launches You into the Moments feeling the Possibilities. Your Passion is Contagious as others experience this Field of Love, the Pure Vibration of Your divine Essence echoing Out into the World. Enter this New Now dawning. BELIEVE in You and Your Dream for Your Life. Hold your Self and Your Wants SACRED. Feel this LOVE spiraling and assisting You. Grounding Your Spirit longing to Fly you out of the Cage into All that Awaits. Letting Go and Reaching for More! Assessing Beliefs, observing Your Self, noticing your Energy, your sense of Excitement for your Life. LOVE creates the Miracles! It Parts the Seas. This Energy of LOVE within You materializes Life in ways You could Never plan. It is Amazing Grace at Work. The winds of Destiny blowing You Home to this Love You are; this Love you House as a Vessel sailing Your Ship to Shores You MUST explore. Following the Call! Going Boldly. Claiming this Life you came here to Live that Fits You Now. Trusting your Self. Trusting Life. Meeting the Moments. Listening to the guidance, the messages that come. Extracting the Wisdom consciously participating in Your Life. BELIEVING in this Love! The truest Power. Ever-Growing You and Life. Let Go. And Let LOVE take You on a Surprise Ride. Be Present. Befriend Spontaneity. And Live this LOVE! Feel your Heart flooding You with this LOVE. You are Alive. Happyass Dancin' this Day. Jumpin' for JOY that You Get to Be You and Live this Life. Singing from the depths of YOU: woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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