Friday, January 2, 2015

Believe in the Magic: Be it. Live it. Share it!

Believe in the Magic: Be it. Live it. Share it! This New Year experienced and lived is Your Greatest Gift. You consciously inviting More Joy and More Surprises that Open You in ways You could Never have imagined. You. Right here. In this moment. Day 2 of 2015. Feel the Excitement of Being You! Ground in your Gifts and breath by breath, connect to the Power within You. Know the Possibilities are Infinite. Let Go of the Mind's grip, allowing the Doubts, Worries and Fears to wash through. No need to analyze WHY?! The fear comes. It simply does. It is a part of this Human journey. But tapping into the Well within You, experiencing the Universe supporting You, just let your breath Free You, neutralizing instead of tangling in Fear that limits and cages You and Your precious Life Force. Acknowledge it. Observe it. And Let your Brave Heart nourish You with the Courage to Create the Life You came here to Live, allowing the Amazing Graces to liberate You, expressing the Beauty and Truth of You instead of recreating from old patterns and beliefs rooted in hurt, pain and disappointment. Take Charge! Focusing on what You want to Create and the Joy you want to feel in living. Keep feeding Your Self with All those Good thoughts and mantras and words! Write messages and one-liners on Sticky Notes posting them on your bathroom mirror so You awaken and immediately tune in. Post them where You can See them. You literally reprogram beliefs, subconscious and conscious beliefs that hold You back, through repetitive thoughts. Empowering your Self with affirming words all day, every day until it becomes second nature. The Fear is NO MATCH for the LOVE, this Cosmic Force, the essence of You that parts the seas and moves the mountains that will certainly come. The difference is when you see the mountains, You FEEL certain you can Face it even though you don't want to. You stand in the Miracle of You, Your Higher consciousness instead of the Victim consciousness. The Magic of who You truly are is ever-revealing. Plan and let Your Self and Life Unfold. Stay Open. Believe! Receive the Abundance of Life echoing from the depths of You. Materialize Your Spirit. Let your pure Heart, the Passion you are here to Express take You on a Surprise Ride. Expect Miracles. Look for them all day anticipating the mystical Openings mirroring the Magic. Share your Miracle stories talking Magic with Friends. Pass On the Hope that lies within You and All. Light the Way for All with Your Brave Heart on Fire for Life. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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