Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: LIVE and SEE!

Live and See! 2015 is Here. Show Up for Your Life. Enter this New Year wide Open to the Possibilities. Each Day expect Miracles. Yes!!! EXPECT MIRACLES. Dismiss nothing. Tune into the Amazing Dance with Life moment by moment. Follow the Signs that Come revealing the Magic of You at Play with the Infinite. Affirmations of who You Truly are beyond the limitations you have unconsciously agreed to. Break Free! Go into Limitlessness. RECEIVE your Self. No matter how difficult or uncomfortable, pause to take in the heartfelt words others offer You. Let your Heart be Touched with the Light of the heavens. Feel the Power of Love in your Exchange with Others. Soak Up How people experience You and the Joy of experiencing them. The Beauty of You mirrored by those You meet along the way. Connect Human to Human, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul. Feel inspired as Your Spirit dances Free with Theirs. Just say THANK YOU! And Allow the offering to Gift You. Ohhh, and Look to nature silently speaking to You from the Skies and the Winds and the Birds offering you Mystical Medicine for Your Soul. The Vibration of the heavens echoing purely through your very Breath. Pulsing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Amazing Grace ALIVE within You. Within All of Creation. The Miracles flow without ceasing. It is Up to You. Me. All. To stay Open. Consciously meeting the moments experiencing Life fully all day long. Now, this is LIVIN'! Live and SEE! Don't wait to See. Life is Now. And Some Day may never come. Be Spirited! Dancing Free. Spontaneity. Not locked into preconceived ideas of who You are or how life should unfold. Letting Go. You Trusting everything is Perfect. The timing is Perfect even when you grow frustrated and want it Now. Be with IT. Let your feelings wash through You. Being with your Self honestly. Welcoming the Laughter and the Tears. BELIEVING in what you cannot see. Divine sight. Knowings. So sacred. Connected. Whole. The outer world brings Signs to stoke your inner Fire. This Creative Force is You and won't let you Go. You are here to express You. Authentically. Passionately. And this sense of Aliveness makes You rich. The Abundance of Life pouring through You. Materializing Your Spirit! Knowing You Matter. Knowing what Matters. LIVE and SEE! Anticipating all the Wonders. Imagining. Feeling the Love of living. Being You. Discovering More. Again and again. Wow!!! This is the Dream. Experiencing this Love You are. Living and Seeing YOU! At play with the World. Singing the Song in Your Heart. LIVE. SEE. LOVE it All! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! The Magic of 2015 is YOU. Open Wide.

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