Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Opening YOU Opens the World!

Opening YOU Opens the World! Standing in this Moment Open the valves Wider and Wider. Liberate the More within You. All that Heart and All that Soul. See the Doors Opening You to new Depths of You. See the Doors in the Outer World Opening. Holding the Vision for Your Life. Your Dream Realized. Feeling Life Flowing. Remembering who You Are. Believing in the Power of Your Life. Calling on the Graces Of the Universe to Do The Amazing. Assisting Forces partnering with You in The Form of Earth angels and Invisibly as The Connection so Divine infuses You with the Energy of Hope. Infusing You with Possibilities. Yes!!! Sings from All that Heart and All that Soul as You experience the Riches of You. As You know the Miracle of Your Life. Beyond reason. Beyond explanation. YOU MATTER! And the resonance of Truth and Beauty Alive in these Words Opens You in ways You had No idea You were Closed. No waiting to Live. Living this Day. Open to what IS. Open to what Comes. Open to the Magic. Open to the Surprises. Consciously Staying Open. Asking to See where You have closed Your Self Off with Limiting Beliefs and Patterns. Banging your Head against the Same wall trying to Make a Door Open that isn't there. Letting Go. Living Open. Knocking on New Doors. Looking for the Doors with Excitement. Counting Blessings all day Long. Your Grateful Heart Opens You and Opens the World instantly. Shifting Your Focus onto the Good. Always there. Within You. Always here. Within the Moment. Waiting for You to Open the Gift! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

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