Thursday, January 29, 2015

Be Afraid. Be Brave. Be You. Let it Be!

We're All Afraid. And we're All Badass Brave Beyond measure. This personal Odyssey. Our holy entry into this World. Our holy exit. The final letting Go. Leaving this Physical Experience so Rich in the blossoming of You. Me. All. Life is Extraordinary even in the Seemingly Ordinary moments. Going about your Days. Doing what you Do. Being You. Discovering More of who You are Truly are. Letting Go of limitations. Flying from cages liberating Your Self. Using All this Amazing Grace You embody to Fuel your Dreams and Live the Passion. Expressing All that Fire that Lies within You for your Joy in being You. Consciously participating in this Sacred dance welcoming All that Heart ever-awakening, remembering what You are made of and daring you to Play as never before Possible. Ever-evolving. Ever-growing. Absolutely necessary. But it ain't always easy. Even when you Know at the level of Soul that this New Life dawning is Destiny unfolding. Even when you want the change longing for the Dream that's coming True, being Realized; your Spirit materializing. Fear swoops In. Anxiety. Doubt. Worry. Insecurities. Unconscious and conscious Resistance. You create a drag in your energy, blocking the flow, putting on the Brakes based on Fears from Core Wounds that You came into this Lifetime with and Hurts experienced in this Lifetime. Your Awareness is The Key! And Be Aware that no Matter, the Fear will come again and again as You Step into the More manifesting. Breathing into Your Self: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Tuning In. Asking your Spirit ever-Free to fill You with The Confidence to Keep on Keepin' On. Invite the Courage to move You forward Step by Step. Meeting the moments. Meeting Your Self. Not repressing or denying All you are Feeling. Taking your own Hand and acknowledging the Fear. Assuring Your Self. Connecting to All that Heart and All that Soul. Feeling Grounded in the Infinite Power within You. Letting it wash through You. Seeing the Fear is Match for the Creative Forces that lie within You. Experience the Miracle of You parting the seas, moving the mountains, liberating your Self. The greatest Legacy You leave the Next Generation is the ability to be Human. Making it Okay to Not be Okay. Feeling the Fear that surely comes as it is a part of this Life. Being human is a stretching out of comfort zones. Letting Go and reaching for More which is both exhilarating and terrifying. One moment you are walking on water doing what You never imagined You could, feeling on Top of the World. And the Next moment, You are Falling in, wondering where the Wind in your sails went. This is our Shared Story. No Bullshit living! The Fear buried will kick your Ass. The Fear brought Up and Out will set You Free. It is human to Forget what lies within Us. It is divine to Remember. Welcome wherever You are. Let go of judgment. Be Present to Your Self feeling the Love of the Cosmos holding You. Love is the Miracle. Love lights the Way in the darkest of Dark. Love lifts You beyond the Circumstances where You See, the Fear Truly cannot Stop You. Where You Experience the Power of You; Your Truest Self leading You into Your Truest Life. Be Afraid! Be Badass Brave! Be You. Let it Be. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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