Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FEEL Your Way this Day!

Feel the Fire within and let it Roar at another depth. Feel your Fight igniting gears you never dared to touch and Go kick ass for You. Feel your Fierceness willing to Do what You Must. Feel the Possibilities exploring new Paths and knocking on Doors trusting One will Open. Feel the Surprise of Life leading you into the More awaiting. Feel the Fear and anxiety and doubt as you let Go of familiar shores and navigate new waters. Feel your Breath and the Breath of the heavens supporting You and infusing You with Hope. Feel the New Worlds ready for You to Discover what You can't possibly Imagine. Feel connected to the Truest Power this Force of Love within You that will Move the Mountains and Create the Miracles. Feel aligned. All Systems GO! Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Feel stoked about being You and being Alive this Day. Step into this New Now feeling the Frustration, kicking and screaming, cursing the gods and Letting IT GO! Come into the moment, the Point of Creation and Use that Amazing Grace pulsing through You to muster the Strength to return to the Faith of a Child. Remembering who You Truly Are! Daring to Believe in your Dreams again as if You have Never been disappointed or heart broken. Trusting Your Self and Trusting in this Benevolent Force ever-partnering, ever-guiding You into You Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Believing in You and this Life you came here to Live, to Express for Your Joy. Throwing caution to the Wind. Ain't no Time for Playing it Safe and Holding You back when Your Adventure is here and now. Your Sacred desires tugging on You refusing to let you Go, causing unrest. Your Dreams await You the Dream Weaver. No settling for a Life that leaves You discontent and stale. GO! GO! GO! Into this Day living as if You have EVERYTHING to Give and nothin to Lose. You are You! You have You to Give. Rip All that Heart and All that Soul wide Open giving Your Self away. Happyass Dancin' at Play with Life! Ohhh, It Feels Good to Feel Good. And it is Damn Good to Be You. Do You! Free You! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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