Monday, January 26, 2015

How Are YOU This Day?

Tell me. Tell You. And Listen to what echoes from the depths of You. How are you this Day? I want to Know You. Can you feel the Joy of You? Be with it. With You. Wherever You are. Hold your Self. So Sacred. In the Truth of this moment. The moments that come. Allow. No pretending. No bullshit. Let all you are Feeling come Up and Out. Being Danced. Letting go. No judging. Only Love. Daring to Love what you want to judge. Let go! You are perfect. Let the wholeness you are hold you. Free you. Again and again. Let this Force of Love fill the fractures cauterizing wounds. This is living. Step into this New Now. The Point of Creation is here greeting You in this Moment. Breathe Life In and Out. Feel this Exchange giving and receiving. Appreciating who You are. Opening Your Heart to You. Coming Alive. Feeling unstoppable. Aligning with Your Sacred Self, the Truest Self leading You Home to the Truest Life that You came here to Love. Remembering You are Here to Free the Joy riding this Life ever-blossoming You. Growing this Wile Life! Not knowing yet Knowing it is gonna be Great! Unfolding this personal Odyssey. Inviting Your Dreams to Awaken You from the Slumber. Being You is Badass. It Feels damn Good to Let Go and Let More of You come out to Play. Expressing your Self as never before Possible. Surprising Your Self. Shocking Your Self. Believing at a Depth you have never dared. All that Heart and All that Soul cannot be contained. Craving the Life that nourishes You. Delighting in the Thirst for More. Wanting! Wanting is You Creating. Wanting what You want. Wanting to Be You. Plunging because You must. Following the Call. This Song of You so Sweet you Taste the Joy. Flowing with the Untamable Fire. Unleashing the Passion. Burning with a sense of Life. Delivering You. More of You. Always More. Ever-growing. Laughing as the Truth echoes through You. Revealing the Beauty of You. You didn't come here to Play it Safe. No way. No how. And the Greatest Pain in Life is Caging Your Spirit that longs to liberate You. And share the Joy of You with the World. Go into this Day with Your Brave Heart roaring. Happyass Dancing with a Sense of Limitlessness. Feel the Possibilities. Shout with All of You: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :)!

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