Sunday, January 25, 2015

Expressing All that Heart and Soul!

Our shared Story of being Human: We're All Afraid. And We're All Badass Brave beyond measure. We are so ashamed of being Afraid that we will pretend and repress the Truth instead of acknowledging It, Expressing It and Liberating the Energy so we can Use It. Repression holds You and your precious Life Force hostage. The moment You let the Fear come and wash Through, You Flow with Life. And as Creators ever-growing and ever-evolving, The moment we have a New desire, a New Idea, the Excitement bubbling Up from the well of Vitality is quickly replaced with Worry, Doubt and Anxiety. Lean into the Fear And you will See Your Heart so Brave, Fierce enough to Free You. Let go of the Conditioning that it is Negative or Bad to be Afraid and adopt the Attitude that Fear is a Part of this Earthly journey. Let it Come. No need to analyze It. Be with It. Breathe into It and Let it Go. And repeat as often as necessary. Talking your Self down from the ledge. Soothing Your Self. Taking your Own hand and Loving your Self up with Kind words, affirming who You truly are. You remembering that You are unstoppable and uncontainable. The Fear is no match for Your Brave Heart that will kick ass for You, moving the Mountains that your Mind creates. The Obstacles are an invitation for You to drop deeper into Your Self letting that Fire Roar. What You are Made of, All that Heart and All that Soul is your Kryptonite. The Power of You revealed from the Shitstorms. Ohhh, The Beauty that Rises in The Not so Pretty. The Truth of You Known in Your Bones. The Truth of You Experienced: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Not just intellectualized. Stuck in your Head that thinks You have it Figured Out because You Understand conceptually keeps You from Touching your Limitlessness that can only be unleashed In the Heart and Soul. The moments You think You cannot Go on, GO into Your Self feeling the Cosmos Alive within You, connecting You to this Force that is the Essence of You. Let Go and Reach for this Amazing Grace that will Ride You into Your Truest Self where You See Life ain't about eliminating Fear; Life is about Living the Moments. Allowing what comes. Tasting the bitter and the Sweet. Your Spirit ever-Free holding You and nourishing You so You can walk Through this Life. Facing the Day with a Sense of Self. Living each moment. Not bypassing what has come to Free You. Loving it All. Seeing it is All so Sacred. The Pain and The Joy. Breathe with Life. In this New Now. Knowing YOU are the heavens made manifest housing the Wisdom of the Universe. Dare to Use this Power within You. Dare to Stop spinning the Story mentally and drop into the Brave Heart. Dare to Listen. Dare to Go deeper and deeper instead of staying Stuck on the Surface, tangled in the Stories, held hostage by the Circumstances. Let GO! Feel the Possibilities at Play with the Infinite. Believe! Believe! Believe! Do Not Stop until You find Your way to BELIEVING. Return to this Magic of BELIEVING. And come Alive in the Liberation of You. It is Damn Good to be You even in the Suckiest moments. Yes. It. Is. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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