Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Life of Destiny.

You Nourish Your Soul by Fulfilling Your Destiny. Starved for Life. Longing to Taste the Sweetness. Knowing there is More. The staleness speaks. No Temporary buzz can fill the void within. Appearing to Have-it-All and the Truth is Not as Pretty as the Picture. Living a life of Destiny is the Truest Richness knowing the Abundance of You at Play with the Infinite. Letting the Soul manifest the Life. Trusting. In a World that dismisses this Sacredness cutting Out the Heart And soul. The TRUTH and Beauty of Life held hostage by the grips of control. Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Of how You think Life should be. How you expected life to Be. How you think a Good life looks. Instead of Aching for what has been or how things should Be, Ache to Live. To Come Alive with a deep Sense of The Power of Your Life. Receive the GRACE in All moments in All experiences! Be with the Fears and the Hurts. To be human is to walk through Life WITH the Fear as You touch the divine within. You are Unstoppable. Uncontainable. Invite the grace to RISE through you Breath by Breath. Let go of analyzing. Let go of Trying to make sense of the Senseless. Trying to figure out WHY you are Feeling what has come. Be with Your Self In the Direct Experiences. The Soul Does Not slice Life into Good or Bad, Negative or Positive; it Allows the Flow of Life. Cutting nothing Out. You Live Free. You come Alive in this Human Dance with a sense of Purpose that springs from this Ocean of Love within You connected to the Source of All Creation. You stepping into the New Now, fully in the Moment with a Sense of Wholeness surrendering to the Soul; This Power moving through You which is Heaven within, Higher Consciousness. The Soul takes You Deeper into the Darkness to Free the Light, stripping what is inessential. Your ego desires purely human become meaningless and You must search the Soul for Meaning, letting Truth, divine wisdom emerge. Illusions lifting as You live in a World Veiled. The Real World is within. And once You awaken to this, You cannot go back to Sleep. You see the Amazing Grace of Life at Play through You and All. The outer World mirroring your inner World. Each experience inviting You to Step into Your Power and untangle your precious energy, your Life force from the chaos and drama so You can Create a Life of Passion. Ohhh, This LOVE lived. Freeing All this Fire for the Sheer Joy of it. Coming Alive each Day from Knowing the One True Thing: This Force of Love. The Vibration of You plugged into the Cosmic Heart from Your Heart. Freeing the Miracles from within You. Your Secret World where You Meet the heavens within as You stand on the earth in the flesh ensouled. The Wow of Life. Tasted. Nourishing You as No Thing can. And from this Sense of Self, this Depth of Living All Things, All moments are Joyful. Doing in Service to Being. Being in Service to Doing. You Empowered. Whole. No longer projecting Power onto the External. Remembering: YOU are Free. Liberating your Self and taking the collective with You. So Simple. And Profound. Life is so Damn Juicy! Bite In. Savor it. Be fed. Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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