Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anchoring Your Dreams!

Believe in the Magic! Feel the Hope humming. Connecting to the whole of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Write DOWN All of your Wants for your Self and this Life. Yes. Pen to Paper. Pause and Close your eyes going within tapping into the Abundance, into your Limitlessness. Letting go of conditioned responses tangled in old beliefs of Scarcity. Breathe. Let your Breath Free you and the Possibilities that fill you with a Sense of Play dancing with the Infinite. Invite your Sacred Longings, All your deepest Desires to Come Up and Out and Be Heard. Using your Mind to Focus the energies pouring from your Heart and Soul. Using your Body to physically Anchor All the Creative Energies. Anchoring your Dreams. Grounding your Vision for this New Year, for this Life You came here to Experience expressing All that Heart and All that Soul. Living the Passion. Following your Bliss, this Sense of Aliveness with Vitality springing. The Creative Forces within fully engaged. Igniting a Wild Fire from your Divine Spark. Stirring your Self into the Flame of Life. Feeling that inner Roar! Taking whatever Steps are Necessary. Seeing. Facing what comes. Trusting the unfolding. Steadfast. Believing it is ON right here and now. This moment. It is ON. Step deliberately with Intention to See the Magic in ALL moments within ALL meetings. Willing. Allowing. Not controlling outcomes. Letting go of the reigns holding You Back. You are the Mountain You MUST Move. The Obstacles You create from your Old Beliefs and Paradigms. Be Aware. Assess your Beliefs. Set Your Self FREE. Reframing your Thoughts so You Flow with Life. No blocking the Blessings that Come without Ceasing. Riding the Waves of Amazing Grace. You are Ever-Changing, Opening, Growing. Seeing Your Self evolve. Your Soul guiding You into Your Greatest Joy. Standing confidently with a Deep Sense of Self on your own two feet feeling the earth supporting You. Rooted in your Spirit ever-Free Trusting your Self. Walking by Faith Letting your Breath Clear All worry, anxiety, doubt and fear. The Fear is No Match for the Brave Heart. Feel the Hurt. Free the Brave Heart. Live the Passion! This New Now is the Point of Creation. Each moment is Here. Calling You to Show Up and bring More of You to the Party. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! There You Are. Here You Are. Expressing Your Self! Letting Your JOY Sing You Home. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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