Friday, January 23, 2015

The Sweet Song of YOU!

Your Authentic Voice is ever-revealing, ever-expressing YOU. The Chinese Proverb: "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer it sings because it has a Song," speaks to the essence of You, Me, All. Your own Nature. Who you are revealed in the Living of your Life. What You do naturally simply being You. Not worrying if you are doing "it" right. You are You. Being You. Freeing You. Because you must! You cannot Not be You. And the funny thing is that because what You do is so natural You don't realize how extraordinary You are. You are just singing Your Song! But pause to listen and receive the kind words from others experiencing YOU. Observe Your Self moving about this day living your Life. Witness the way you show up in the quiet moments alone and out in the world. See the Beauty of You and how the gods wired You. See the heaven in your own nature Singing the Truest Song of You. All that Heart and All that Soul singing silently and Out Loud in the World. The Amazing Grace of You. This song of Love pouring your Passion into the world. Your Life Force echoing in All you are. Stirring All that Fire You carry into the collective Flame. Knowing You Matter! Remembering You are the Offering, You are the greatest Gift You give this World. Creating a Life where You feel aligned: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Materializing your Spirit feeling the Possibilities. Allowing the Surprises of Life! Following the Call into more Life, into what's next. Letting Go and Reaching for More for your Joy in stepping into New Adventures that come knocking. It takes your whole life to grow into who you truly are. Who You are is ever-growing. Let Go of old paradigms around aging and drop into your Spirit which is Timeless and Ageless. Live All of Your Days open to Who You are Now. Dance with the New Now inviting More of You to Play. Be Open refusing to box your Self into some fixed idea. Believe that Your Life is Never finished. You are Limitless potential hatching until the final Letting Go. Your participation is required! Check In with Your Self asking what You want Now. The point of Creation is here and now. Going to the edge again and again. Jumping! Trusting your Wings. Focusing your energy, your precious Life force, Be intentional partnering with the Universe within You guiding You moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day. Let the Song of You ripen Sweetly beautifying You. The Truth liberating you in ways You can't Imagine. Be stoked! The Best of You is Beyond Magnificent. Life expressing Uniquely as You. The Masterpiece of You. Your holy entry into this Life. The in between. And your holy exit. Sing! Sing! Sing! In a flash, your Brave Heart will Sing no more. But the Songs You dared to Sing will Sweetly Live On. You are So Badasss! Woo woo Woofrickinhoo:)

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