Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Reveals YOU!

Life is so Revealing if You Dare to Look! To Be in the Moments experiencing Life. Consciously observing your Self and All that washes through. Open to what comes Up and Out showing You: YOU. You at Play with Life. Frame by Frame. Reviewing and Replaying your Choices. Looking at what's behinds Your Choices! Going deeper. On the Surface, it looks like this. And the Truth Lies in the unconscious stuff. Buried Treasure waiting for You to Open it and bring it into the Light. Your Willingness to Reflect and observe will OPEN You and Liberate You from Old Patterns that keep You stuck. The Movie of Your Life: How You truly think? What you Believe? How You value Your Self? Where Fear rules your choices? What dramas are you participating in? and What are those dramas/chaos telling You about You? Be compassionate to Your Self. Remember: EVERYTHING serves and being human, we need the chaos and drama to Wake us Up taking us into our Power. Connected to Your Self as You move through your Days. Doing what You Do. Being Aware of how you truly feel in your exchanges with others. Knowing who Enriches your Life and choosing to surround your Self with People who Feed You. Friends who Inspire You to Be You inviting More of You to Dance Wildly. Friends who See You, Hear You and Appreciate who You Are. Noticing your Energy. Energy doesn't lie! Feeling Alive or feeling bored with a sense of staleness where You simply don't match vibrationally. There's simply nothing there. No villains. No bad guys. Just no Match. Knowing You can't force True Connection. And there is an ease, an effortless Flow with those companions who come into our lives to take us on a Ride deeper into Our Self. So Cool! So Awesome! So Elevating! There are Energy Vampires that Feed off your Precious Life Force. You are zapped from the exchange and wonder what the hell happened. Feeling Good makes life Good. Having Fun makes life Fun. Remembering this is Your Life and You came here to Express Your Self for your Joy. Moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by day. You are Creating your Life. You have the Power within You to live Free experiencing the Beauty ever-Present even in the Not so Pretty, even in the experiences you would never wish for. But HERE they are. Be with Life. Live Open! Let LIFE Reveal YOU leading You Home. Awakening the Miracle of You. In AWE! Your hand on your Grateful Heart remembering: YOU are YOU! So Magnificent. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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