Saturday, November 8, 2014

Say IT! Speak Your Heart.

Say It! All day. Every day. Speak your Heart. Let your words touch the Hearts of those You meet along the way. Strangers. Friends. Family. Your spontaneous exchanges with others will feed your Heart. You cannot give Kindness and Not receive it. This vibration of Love lifts You. Me. All. From your connection to your Self, knowing YOU Matter, remembering who YOU truly are, appreciating Your Self, You effortlessly connect to others and remind them they Matter. Just Say It! When something flashes into your mind, pass on the message. Face to face. Or Call. Text. Email. Mail a card. Do not miss an opportunity to let someone know how you feel about them, how you see them, how they have touched your life. Express your Heart and Feel your Self open wider and wider. The Miracle of Love, this abiding Force within You. Me. All is it is ever-flowing, inviting us to new depths to taste the sweetness within, to feel the Beauty, to Live in gratitude, our Heart echoing THANK YOU! The effect of You being You. Saying what You want to Say. Offering Your Self generously wherever You Go is significant beyond Measure. Be Kind to YOU. Love your Self Up. And your Heart spilling over cannot Not be Kind to others. Love makes Life Rich! Experiencing abundance, you cannot withhold even one kind word. And knowing that one Day will be the last day, Say IT now. Live Now! Leave nothing unsaid. The Love is what lives On. Your Love is the Greatest Legacy. Love Big. Let your life Speak of the Love You are. Love each day for what it is. Love each person for who they are (even if you do not like them! Haha). LOVE is Everything! Feel the Love You are. And Give it Away All Damn day! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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