Sunday, November 2, 2014

SMILE with All of You!

SMILE! Right here. Right Now. Smile with All of You. Feel the Smile in your heart pour the light of the heavens through your body and beyond. Smiling fills you with a sense of Happiness no matter what. You welcoming this innate Goodness. Connected to your grateful heart that knows to simply be alive experiencing this Journey moment by moment is absolutely wondrous. Letting Go again and again when the mind grips You with worry, doubt and fear. Smiling with All of You with a sense of wonder. Returning to the moment which is the point of Creation. Feeling this sense of adventure engaged in this Sacred Dance smiling in anticipation for all the Good that will surely come. Delighting in the gift of this Life. Whispering to your Self: life is damn good even when it sucks; and it is damn good to be YOU! Appreciating all that makes You YOU. Remembering how much you Matter. Receiving your Self. The Beauty of being You. Fully human. Letting go of perfectionism that strips the Joy and steals your smile. Loving who You are and letting go of judging your Self as not enough or defective. Focusing on All The Good. Here. Now. Counting Blessings. Saying THANK YOU! all day. Being Happy does not exclude feelings of unhappiness, sadness, anxiety or overwhelm. Happiness allows all of Life and welcomes what comes smiling through the rain and the sunshine. Not withholding your Smile and this amazing Feeling that instantly lifts you. Not placing conditions on life saying I will be happy when or if this happens. Choosing to smile and let the Happy heart free you and open you. Giggling and delighting in celebration of Life. Conscious of the fact that This is your Life and your attitude of gratitude brings the Magic into all moments lifting you beyond the circumstances where you See the possibilities. You flowing with Life riding the waves of Amazing Grace leading you into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Trusting your Self and the Universe to carry you into more Happy than you could have imagined. You have Soooo much Life to Love! Yes. You. Do. I promise! Love this day with all of your Heart. Love each moment for what it is: your Life! Bless what you curse but Go ahead and Curse IT first. Smile even as tears pour down your face being grateful You can Feel. Seeing the Courage of You daring to let life touch You. SMILE! Because it feels so Good. Happyass dance from the Inside Out shouting with All of You: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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