Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Effect of YOU!

Ohhh...The Effect of You! Yes. You. The Poetry you are Alive being You doing what You do. The Prayer You are in the flesh expressing authentically living the Life You came here to Live. No way to measure the effect of You on the whole. Showing Up! Living simply. Simply being You. So Extraordinary! Always. Even in the moments of your Life that appear on the surface as ordinary are Not. The divine essence of You pours out vibrationally, invisibly into the world as you sleep, as you brush your teeth, as you sit alone. And when you are Out in the World. This dance so Sacred is You in Harmony with the Universe animating You and All of Creation. The effect of You is not contingent upon what you do. What you choose to DO is you uniquely expressing your BEing. Doing in service to Being. Being in service to Doing. It isn't either or. Externally focused, you forget to go within and listen to your Heart, connecting to your innate wisdom that is fearless and unattached to outcomes and has no interest in keeping things the same. Your Spirit is Free grounded in Trust, seeing only the Perfection of You and Life, allowing the flow of Life to open You to what's next?! What Now?! Listen with Your Heart fierce enough to Believe You Matter. Brave enough to Believe You KNOW Best for You. And there is No WAY to F*ck this Life Up. Go ahead! Dare to explore. Be true to You willing to look Foolish in the eyes of others. Remember the effect of You is NOT based on what you do. You are a Light of the Universe and are ALWAYS Good. Always significant. Let Go of the conditions and bask in this Love You are. You are a F*cking Force! Yes. You. Are. You consciously following Your Joy is essential. You discovering what creates a Good Life, what fits You, what's in alignment with who You are. And finding your way includes getting lost. No right or wrong way. Just Live! Do. Be. Do. Be. You try this or that experimenting, plugging your Self into experiences in order to know what feels true to You. You outgrow a life that used to fit and feel good. And letting go is a must to liberate the new energies, the new Life awaiting You. But it sure ain't easy. Love your Self through it All! Connecting to your Self. Feeling the significance of You. Letting Go. All OUT Faith rooted in the Truth and Beauty You are. This Love You embody. Dance! Dance! Dance! Free all that vitality. The dormant potentials ready to hatch. The surprise of YOU ever-blossoming. Feel Your Self. Breathe. Here. Now. Remember: YOU MATTER! Feel the Abundance of You. The Effect of You. So badassssss. Launch your Self into the moments and Play Wildly all damn day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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