Friday, November 21, 2014

Whoever has the Most FUN Wins!

Life is Fun. Let it Be. It is Fun to be You. Fun is always the best Idea in any given moment. What a Legacy: Living for the Fun of it! Now that's a life-changing way of being in the world. You inviting the Fun all day. Letting things that feel like work become a source of Play. You experiencing childlike Wonder present to the moments unfolding, living Open to what Is, moving through Your Days knowing Life is Good and it is damn Good to be You right Now. And More Goodness awaits. Laughing at anything and everything because humor is Magic. The energy of Fun comes from your Light Heartedness, you loving Life, enjoying being You, surrounding yourself with people who their mere presence makes You Happy. The truest of friends simply let you Be who You are and meet You wherever You are and pour their light through You on those shitty days that swallow You. And you return the favor, taking their hand and dancing and skipping in the rain. You bringing the Sunshine. You bringing the Fun. Connection with others comes from You connected to Your Self. And from You plugged into Your Heart remembering who You are, you plug into them. You know the pain and the joy you have experienced and can be present to their pain and joy. The power of Empathy, bringing the Light through your Understanding and Loving them Up. Acknowledge the crap and give it space to breathe. But Jumping in the muck with others commiserating will leave you both stuck in the Story, the feelings of powerlessness where you falsely believe the external circumstances have control over You and your well-being. Holding their hand as you do your own when life sucks and telling that Shitty Day to F*ck Off, your humor will shift everything bringing the medicine, the healing balm lightening the load. Remembering Life can be Fun even when it feels otherwise is Magic. It isn't denial. It is consciously choosing your attitude understanding the Power of Choice. You always have the Power to Choose your attitude in any given moment. And this makes You the Captain of Your Own ship, sailing through the waters, facing the shit storms and rolling with what comes. Go ahead. Throw your hands in the air and say Weeeeeeee! There will Never be another Day just like this One. And there will never be another Human Being just like You. This is the Life You are Riding. Here and Now. Moment by moment. Make it Fun. Feel the Goodness of simply being Alive and being You. Let go! Live free. Expect Everything! Want what You want for your Life and BELIEVE with All of You it is Possible. Then, surrender It! Trust Life. See the Perfection of every moment living Life as your personal Treasure Hunt leading You to More Joy and More Abundance. Live this Dream Life Is awake to the Beauty You are. Dance! Sing! Clap! Be at Play all damn day. Never be old to be Young and Silly. Dare to look foolish in the eyes of others who have forgotten Life is FUN. Adopt the belief: whoever has the most FUN wins! And declare your Self the Winner every Day. Happyass Dancin for no reason and a million reasons. Woo woo woofuckinhoo:))

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