Saturday, November 1, 2014

Passion: Celebrating Life Purely!

Wow! Passion. Undeniable. So pure. This Force. An experience like no other. The gods pouring from You to me. Me to You. Oneness. Connected to the Universe within. Standing in this Life, this moment fully empowered. Touching the Sacred Self. Letting Go. Letting the heavens flow. Ripping your heart wide open. Sharing all the Fire deep Inside. You. The essence of You. So Alive. Freeing your truest Song. This Love. Abiding. Ever-nourishing You. Me. All. The greatest gift. Receiving. Drinking from this limitless well again and again. Breathing. Allowing this Amazing Grace to do what only it can. Making this Day, this moment Holy. Weeping. In awe. Being Taken to CHURCH, this Home within. Remembering who You truly are. Feeling the Purpose of your existence. Knowing You Matter. You are significant beyond measure. Nothing to Prove. Nothing to earn. Awakening to the Soul you House that whispers YOU are enough. As You are. Aligned with All of Creation. Infinity playing You. The Fire Carrying You. You being stirred into the Flame. This Vibration lifts the whole. You rising. Being You. Soul fueled. Taking the whole to Church. This LOVE You are echoing. Preaching silently and out Loud. Passion. So pure. No manufacturing. You simply Living. Being You. No Trying. No imposing. Your Life Speaking. Offering Your Authentic expression not out of Duty or Obligation. But because You Must. You cannot Hold Back the Magic You are. The Miraculous You embody. This Sweetness tasted. By You. By All. Going within. Liberating All this Love. Sharing Your Self generously wherever You Go. In all that You do. Kneeling in awe that You get to be You. Affirming it is damn Good to be You. The Veil lifted. Amazing Grace. Was blind but Now You See. You came here to Live the Passion. To take the whole to Church. Being You. Badasssss Brave. Kicking the days ass living the Life You came here to Live. Celebrating You. Me. All. Ohhh, Life! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)))!

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