Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Your Heart Opens Life!

I pulled back my curtains and a single Star in the dark wintry Sky leapt right into my Heart. I stood there in the moment letting the awe, wonder and gratitude wash through me. An unexpected Joy! Ohhh, the gifts of this Life ever-present, ever-flowing. All we must do is Receive the Blessings. The Heart desires connection. It guides You into encounters where you touch deeper levels within your self. Feeling the warmth of Love experienced. Sweetness tasted in an ordinary moment. Sacred communion with Life, this Force of Love Alive within All of Creation. Always here. Always there. Dancing. Freeing. Growing. Stretching. Ushering You into the Richness. Amazing Grace lifting the veils for created by the mind that places conditions on Life. Slicing Life into good or bad, happy or sad, right or wrong, fair or unfair instead riding the moments wide Open to the Adventure unfolding. Let Go! And drop into your Heart that remembers: Abundance IS. It cannot Not exist. What is this Life without receiving The Abundance that Is. You. Me. All. At Play. Living in the here and now aligned with a sense of Self connected to the Whole Universe, animating this Collective dance. You. Me. All. We are One. And this Oneness is played out individually. You being You. Me being me. Each of us Matters. Your Joy in living lifts me. My passion expressed lifts you. The evolution of humanity made possible through connection. Feeling this Love You are. Knowing you are holy. You cannot Not connect with All. You see the Beauty and Truth. Your Heart revealing all the Light You cannot See. This Vibration of Love echoing from every soul. Touching your divine essence. Remembering your worth. You touch All. The Heart of the world changed instantly as you stand within your Self feeling the gratitude, the awe, the joy, the wonder, the passion flooding through. Wow! Wow! Wow! It's damn Good to be You. Yes. It. Is. Say this All day. Let it Be. Be with Your Self savoring Life. And Happyass Dance stoked by All that Is and All that Is to Be. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

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