Friday, November 7, 2014

FEELin' So Good!

Live spirited ALIVE in the moments. This is Your Life. Life dancing You into Your Self, into the World, into this Day. Sip in all that comes Your Way. Be where You are. Connect to Your Sense of Play and invite others to come along sharing Your Joy. Let Go of Tryin' to be GOOD. Receiving the GOODness that Is. Every moment. Every One. Holy. Sacred. Love sees This. Truth beyond human confines and definition. Innocence lived. Here. Now. FREE!!! You are a Light of the Universe. This Simply Is. No need to Try to earn this just pause to Remember this. Feel All that You truly are. Focus on All that is Good about being You. Appreciate You as you do others. Love your Self Up with your affirming words. Feel the love echo through You and Open You. Feeling Your Self. Feeling You Matter. Feeling Anything is Possible. Feeling the Abiding Peace. Feeling the Power you embody to Do what You must to create a Life You absolutely love. Feeling the Energy flowing through You Out into the World. Feeling the Fire in Your Brave Heart ready to Kick the days ass being You. Feeling the dawn breaking You into New Life, this new Day. FEELin so damn Good to be You that Your Aliveness is infectious spreading Joy wherever You Go. Feeling Happy! Making others Happy! You making Your own Day Make the Day of others. Your Spirit invisibly dances with theirs lifting All who You pass along your way. Go Ahead! Feel the Good. Happyass Dance. And Pass all Your Goodness On taking others by the Hand and reminding them to Dance even in the Rain. Life is NOW and someday may never come. Don't Wait! Don't Wait! Don't keep All the GOOD at Bay. Stretch Your arms wide and gather it All day because it Feels Good to Feel Good:). And it is damn GOOD to be You. Hell Yesssss!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

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