Monday, November 17, 2014

DARE to Love!

4 years ago today, my husband, John died suddenly. And his physical death was the Death of my Life, who I was, all that had grounded me, all that I had identified as. Grieving him. Grieving the Life we shared. I LIVED through my Own death. My soul was scheduled for this Ride. And I Use the grace of this experience all my days sharing the Wisdom only made possible from walking through this Personal Hell. I DARE to Love. And I invite You to join me as LOVE brings the Miracles, the Sweet even in the midst of the Bitter. Go ahead: Dare to LOVE! You daring to Love this Life that has broken your Heart, disappointed You, kicked your ass and taken You to your knees is Fierce Living that creates miracle after miracle all day long. Feeling the Hurt. Acknowledging all you are feeling and allowing it all. Raw. Uncensored. Kicking and Screaming. Letting it OUT. Freeing the Hurt. Expressing instead of Repressing all that floods through You. Being with Your Self. ALIVE in the moments. Your Uncontainable Spirit flying You out of the Cage. Liberating You again and again. Taking You beyond the human story. Lifting You beyond the Circumstances that keep you on the Surface. Plunging You into new depths of Your Self calling You Home. Revealing the Strength, the Power that lies within You. Always here. Always there. Reminding You who You truly are, the Love of the Universe in the Flesh. Amazing Grace taking You into Your BRAVE HEART. Letting Go of conditions needing Life to be other than It Is. Rain or Shine. Your LOVE lights the Way! You daring to Love Your Self wherever You are. In All moments! Meeting Your Self with gentle kindness. Assuring Your Self as you would a Child or a Dear Friend in need. Holding Your own Hand. Soothing your Self. Saying over and over: "I got ya! I LOVE you!" Connecting to your Higher Self that KNOWS all is Perfect. Every moment. Every choice. Every step. PERFECT. Letting Go of Right and Wrong. Knowing: YOU cannot possibly F*ck this Life Up. Seeing from a Higher Consciousness: It is ALL Perfect. Even what appears on the surface "F*cked UP!" On a human level, you must Process the events and the experiences. Start with F*ck this! F*ck that! F*ck it! And eventually, You can Bless what You have cursed. Mining for the Gold in Every experience. Being the alchemist, turning the lead, the heavy shit into something precious beyond measure: WISDOM. Wisdom echoes from the Soul that Knows. Where LOVE abides. The Heart Remembers awakening You to this Force you embody that allows You to Move the Mountains that come. Trusting Your Self. Trusting Life. Trusting the Universe. Resting in the Truth and Beauty: Your Soul is scheduled for this Ride, this Life You are living. Let Go! Of how You think it should be. Let Go! Of expectations. Let Go! Of believing you did something wrong and are being punished. And LOVE what Is! Dare to Love what comes and USE the grace ever-present, Aligning with the Universe within, Life flowing, Dancing You into More Life awaiting You for Your JOY! I promise: You have sooooo Much Life to LOVE. The Best is Now. And yet to Be. Believe in the Power of LOVE and Live the Miracle You are. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

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