Sunday, November 16, 2014

Good Days come from being Good to YOU!

A Good Day is only made possible by You being Good to You! In the midst of challenges great and small, you being Good to You is EVERYTHING. Your relationship with You brings the Good. Your kindness and patience toward your Self is the healing balm; soothing your Self with affirming words, holding your own hand, allowing your Self to be wherever you are is a sincere act of Bravery, living from your Heart that is courageous enough to Love You unconditionally. You Present to Your Self, to what IS, Alive in the moment, life flows wide open as You hold the paradox feeling okay even when nothing appears to be okay on the surface. Feeling Good even when things aren't the way you want them to be, when you are resisting what IS afraid of letting go, comes from your deeper connection to You, knowing how to care for your Self and nourish your Self. Valuing your Self enough to surround your Self with friends who bring the Joy and warm your Heart with their mere presence. Giving your Self what You need and want. Checking in, having an honest conversation with Your Self when overwhelm washes through, swallowing You, gripping your breath and stealing the Good. Just Breathe. Let the Good pour from your Heart and Open You to the moment. Always returning to the moment. Again and again. The point of Creation is Here and Now. Let Go! Liberate the Good. Always there. Always here. Feel Your Self so Holy beyond the human idea. Hold your Self dear. BELIEVE in the Beauty of You and Your Life and watch the Day mirror this. Receive Your Self. The Truth of You will set You Free. Plug into Your Higher Self, your Sacred Self, this Force of Love You are that is ALWAYS GOOD. This abiding GOOD is the Vibration of your truest Self. This limitless Energy is the Universe at Play with You, the Amazing Grace singing You Home to the GOOD you are and Life Is. Reminding YOU: it's damn GOOD to be YOU! And Feelin' GOOD feels damn GOOD. Let the GOOD In, Out swirling through your very Breath echoing from Your Happy Heart. Dance Wildly! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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