Sunday, November 9, 2014

Knowing how to Live=Knowing how to Love

You know how to Live when You know how to Love. This is Your Life. LOVE IT! As it is Now. Love who You are. As You are in this moment. Love Wide Open. And watch It Grow Miraculously beyond what You can even Imagine. Love lights the Way all day. This energy of Love magnetizes More to Love. Love is a Force alive within You, within All of Creation. Love is ever-Present, ever-flowing. Open the sails in Your Brave Heart that long to take You on an adventure into living the Passion. The Heart based Life is Fierce living beyond the Hurt Self that walls you off trying to protect You. Love springs and fuels a deep connection with Your Self that creates a rich exchange with those You meet along the way. The Courage to Be who You are Not going along to get along; to stand with a sense of Self loving who You are embracing All of You allowing Your fallibility, honoring who You are unable to compromise in order to please others, making conscious choices aligned with what You want and need Not being who others need You to be or want You to be. Remember: You are Free. Here. Now. Drop into Your Heart. Listen. Follow the Signs. Dance in this Love and Feel the Magic you are. Life is! Loving the life You live is essential. Your Joy makes You Rich. The resonance of Joy loving life unconditionally is badassss living. It is Loving Life on Life's terms meeting what comes. On your darkest days, in the moments that take you to your knees, you hold Your Heart grateful still for your Life. Loving life even when the circumstances are unlovable. No one goes through Life unscathed. Each of us gets our ass handed to Us! But You daring to Show Up, face what comes trusting Life and trusting Your Self knowing this Force of Love, the Universe within you is MIRACULOUS. You aligned with the Power within You part the seas and move the mountains that will surely come. And in the wake of Dancin in the Rain, the Rainbow surely comes as Love brings the Sunshine. Kiss this Day with ALL that Love you embody and watch the Day Kiss You deliciously right back. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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