Thursday, November 20, 2014


Yes! Yes! YES. You are so Brave. Remember this. Remind Your Self all day, every day. You are Braver than You can even fathom. You Discover the Power of Your Heart in the midst of Great Challenges. The gift from the shit storms life blows your way is the Journey from the limited Mind into the limitless Heart. Your Heart ever-ushering You into new depths fueling You with this Energy of Love echoing and roaring. You are fierce beyond measure. And the whole of Your Life will reveal More and More of this Fire You embody. Always there. Always here. You being nourished by the inner Spring. Infinite. Eternal. Washing through You even when Life is ringing You out. The Possibilities awakened as what is inessential is stripped away. Your Brave Heart leading You into Your truest Self and truest Life. You meeting your Hopes and Dreams untouched. The Heart the keeper of your Sacred Desires. Your holy longings. Dare to Let Go! Dare to Listen to the whispers. Dare to follow the nudges, the inner urges to make different choices, to assess your beliefs that cage you, to see how your preconceived ideas create more of the same. Dare to Show Up for the moments and LIVE it all, be present to what comes, feeling Alive in the dance come what may. Daring to Let Life touch You, cut You Open in order to Free You. Dare to Trust the timing of Life. All Perfect. Nothing to Force. Allowing this Ride to Amaze You as the Graces of the Universe sing You Home again and again. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Look at You. You are so Brave. Daring to Love this Life that has kicked your ass seeing the necessity of the experience. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Happy Dance. Just be where You are. Use it All. You ever-evolving. You ever-growing. You ever-blossoming. This is Living. And You came here to LIVE. Being You. Doing what You do for your Joy. Feel your Brave Heart flowing, churning up potentials ready to Play. Be stoked! No way to stop, to harness these Creative forces animating You and All. Let Go. Rise higher than You feel is Safe. Befriend the Fear. Let it Be. Acknowledge it. Connect to Your Heart that is vast enough to hold All life experiences. And LIVE a life You absolutely Love even when it sucks. Jump into this day moment by moment shouting: Bring It ON! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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