Monday, November 3, 2014

You are a Force!

You are a Force. You embody the Universe. Wild. Limitless. Uncontainable. Magnificent. Look to the skies and see Your Self. You are the heavens blowing through this earth. Being You. Doing what You do. Living this Life that You came to Live. Feeling the Ease of Life ever-flowing connected to your Center, your Soul, your divine Essence, this Force of Love. Moving with the moments meeting what comes, allowing what is to simply Be, knowing even when Life events kick your ass, you have a Fire within You that will pick you Up again and again. And You will actually stand Taller from the ass-kicking with a sense of the Power that lies within You. Your Faith remembering who You truly are plugged into the Source of All Creation heals You. You see clearly that the Heart Break Life brings cannot Kill You. It absolutely sucks! But even the worst of circumstances is no match for You. You are a FORCE. Yes. You. Are. And the way you come to claim All that You are is through the greatest challenges. The obstacles that feel insurmountable at the level of Mind, your Brave Heart ever-roaring takes You into depths and gears Ready to kick ass for You. The truest Fight for You and this Life You came here to Live. No one goes through Life unscathed. Each person gets their ass handed to them uniquely. The collective story plays out individually. This Human journey is the great leveler. No matter what it Looks like. No matter how perfect someone's life appears. Each of us is called to Rise higher and higher which is only possible when we experience the Hurt, the Pain of Life that threatens to take us Out. Dropping into The Brave Heart discovering the Force You are. You set your Self Free, living the Passion. Loving this Life for what it is. For all it is. Experiencing it All so you can experience Your Truest Self, this Force. Receiving the Amazing Grace that pulses through You breath by breath. Holding Your Heart. Feeling the gratitude wash through You and the moments. This is Life. Dancing You. Me. All. Into the Miracles we Are. Letting Go of conditions, limited ideas and fixed ideas that box You in. Reaching for More. The Magic of Life springs from the Letting Go. Feeling Free. Falling into the moments. Not knowing. Knowing the Beauty You are. Knowing the Force beyond measure You are. You have gears within You ready to take You on a Ride into the Surprise of Life celebrating You. Me. All. Ohhh Life. Wondrous. Lovely. Badasssssss! Go kick this days ass being You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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