Saturday, November 15, 2014

Open to the MAGIC!

Enter this Day Open. Believe in the Magic. Invite the Magic: "Ohhh Magic Life ALIVE within me, swirling around the winds, animating the Whole of Creation Surprise me this Day!" Pause. Place Your hand over your Heart Center feeling connected. Feeling the Possibilities. Breathing. Anticipating EVERYTHING. This Life. This Day Unfolding perfectly. Not knowing exactly what is to come; knowing with All of You: IT is going to be GREAT! Stoked. Pumped. Give Thanks for all the Magic You have experienced so far. Look at All the Magic at Play throughout your entire Life. Be in awe of the accidents, Serendipities, coincidences, synchronicity that led you to this day. Life magically ushering You to those you needed to meet, to places you needed to go, to necessary events you had to walk through for the evolution of You and the unfolding of your Adventure. Talk Magic all day seeing the Sacred in the Ordinary. Wherever You are be there. You present to Your Self to the moments of your Life dancing in the direct experiences brings the Magic. Always there. Always here. Claim it. Acknowledge it. Let your Playful Soul show you the Wonders of You and Life, revealing All there is to Love. Receiving the gifts ever-present. And giving the gift You are. Celebrating for no reason and a million reasons. Trust the Magic this Day and every day to take You into More of You. Let it awaken You. Let it shower You with the Blessings that come without ceasing. Let it Free You. Let it take You into Life over the Rainbow discovering More to LOVE. Love brings the Magic! Love life. Love You. Love this Day. Love what you curse. Just LOVE bigger than You want to, more than what feels safe. And feel this Love launch You on a MAGIC carpet Ride all day come what may. Let Go! Hands in the air: woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!

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