Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Greatest Gift: You Giving Wonderful You!

It's a Wonderful Life. It is. Wonderful YOU expressing Life. You being You. Always enough. Living this Adventure Open to the Wonders. You giving Wonderful You to the World. The Beauty ever-Present echoing from Your very Breath. The Resonance of You. The Silent language of Soul speaking through You. This Vibration you are. Love. The Universe pouring from the depths of You. You the Prayer. You the Poetry. Exploring the Wonders. Letting Life touch You. The Pain. The Joy. And everything in between. All Perfect. Every experience. Every step. Let it Be. It's Wondrous to be danced by the heavens as you stand here on earth. You housing the wisdom of the Universe. All the Light you cannot See, In the flesh embodying the divine. You Matter. In the moments of stillness sitting alone. In the moments when you are out in the World doing. Being You is Wonderful! In the moments of Awe and moments of Overwhelm. This is simply You Living, holding the Paradox, allowing Life to be what it Is. Feeling the Wonder of it All. The Wonders of You leaving Your Unique thumbprint, your distinct Mark. Trying to live someone else's version of You or live some idea of who you should be attempting to be good enough does NOT feel so Wonderful. No right or wrong. Gifts spring from all experiences. You lose your Sense of Self in order to Find It. Shedding old skin, outgrowing a Life that used to fit ain't easy but it's necessary. You let go and reach for the More calling You. Go about this Day and this Life in Wonder living Open. Curious. Connecting to Your Self. To all. In the moments. Moving consciously toward your greatest Joy and Highest Good. Tasting the sweet adventures here. Now. Letting Go of absolutes. Never Saying Never. Not knowing What You will or won't do. Befriending Spontaneity. Living Free. The liberation of Not locking your Self into Ideas and Beliefs. Allowing the evolution of You. Ever-shifting. Flowing. Wandering in Wonder. Feeling excited that this is Your Life. Rising beyond. Unexpected Magic discovered. So extraordinary. Riding the Amazing. Playing. Blooming where You are planted. Sharing your Self generously. Remembering You are the greatest Gift you Give. You creating a Life You Love is your Greatest offering to the world that needs Your Joy. Knowing the seeds You sow being You bear Fruit for All. The Lives You touch being You going about Your Life cannot be measured. Trusting you are Here alive in this Time for reasons Beyond comprehension. No way to fathom the impact of You. But pause to touch your Hear that remembers: You are the Love of the Universe. You are a Force of Good (No Matter.) You Matter. It is Wonderful to Be You. There will be never be another You. Celebrate the seasons unfolding You. Dance in the Rain and the Sunshine soaking Up the Abundance. Feeling this Wonderful Life ever-springing. Kiss this Day with Your Happy Heart singing your Truest Song: LOVE. Peace. And Joy! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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