Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trust Your Wings!

Feel the Truth and Beauty of You. Feel the Power of the Universe pulsing through You breath by breath. Trust Your Wings. Always there within You. Dance Free! You have gears within Your Brave Heart that You haven't even touched. You are truly limitless. And when Life confines You and You feel Limited is when You dig deeper discovering All the Fire You carry. The energy of Hope and Love and Joy and Peace washing through You ever-assisting You. Stand in This moment and receive your self Fully declaring this is who I Am. This is the life I came to live. And Experience the Miracle You are. Life Is. You ever-growing opening to more of You. More life. Until Your last breath. This is Living. This is walking in Faith. You remembering Who YOU are. Drinking from the Ocean of Love swirling through You, the Soul Force of the Universe animating You, calling You Home, guiding You in whispers, inviting You to Show Up for life and do what You must, holding You when the grips of fear come revealing The Power that lies within You. Fear is no match. Connected to this Force of Love You can allow the Feelings of terror to wash through as You Jump again and again. Letting Fear Be. Grabbing it by the hand and Daring to Fly because Clipping your wings is death while breath pulses through Your Body. Hell comes in moments when you forget who you truly are. Hell comes when you think you have no choices. And Heaven comes instantly when you Remember who you truly are; when you know you have choices and honor what you want and need letting go again and again of Beliefs that cage You. Fly FREE! Be You. Do You. Hold the Paradox. Life is a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell. Drop into Your Brave Heart so Fierce it can be present to it All. It is All life. So Alive! So Sacred. Love it. Love YOU. Love is the Miracle. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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